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The Virtual PayPal Terminal Saves Users From The Horrors Of Unpaid Wages Among Others


TechInAfrica – The long-awaited Virtual PayPal Terminal is here, and it has finally let Nigerians receive money aside from the send and buy option. It’s been one of the hurdles Nigerian users found in the big payment service, so the new feature is a big jump on the efficiency department.  The most significant thing on the feature is the self-identification before any trading on the platform and the 3 days fund check observation for any forms of fraud before the transaction begins.

As a game-changer in Nigeria, the man behind Virtual PayPal Terminal, CEO and co-founder Vin Obieze shares the platform’s goal of revolutionizing the e-transaction in the country, making PayPal accessible to anyone anywhere in Nigeria, especially the underbanked.

“To this end, we would like to reach as many young people as possible to help them understand the digital market of PayPal and help them receive their payments right here in Nigeria and transact safely and with confidence. Our aim is to continue to partner with customers and other key stakeholders to ensure they are well informed about the opportunities presented by peer-to-peer PayPal finance,” says Vin.


Previously, PayPal has received criticism from Nigerian Internet entrepreneurs by disabling the option to receive payment. This is especially troublesome for users doing e-commerce, with the restrictive access to PayPal’s full features.  Some people went for the alternative such as Payoneer banks, but there’s also the risk of limitation.

When it comes to e-commerce and digital business, PayPal mostly generates power, so with the introduction of Virtual PayPal Terminal, things are finally put in place. The platform is registered within the Virtual PayPal Terminal Web Solution owned by Vin Obieze and using the certified EV SSL, an impressive feat for the fintech startup, whose users are hitting 3000 and more.



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