Will AfroLandTV be the African Netflix?


Michael S. Maponga’s roots are traced back to Harare, Zimbabwe where he was born. He, later on, relocated to the USA in 2002. Maponga is professionally an actor and also the founder of AfroLandTV Inc. He believes that Africa can borrow a leaf from harmonious co-existence between Hollywood and Bollywood. The two exists as culturally outstanding film industries.  Maponga has also been part of many films including Finding Mother and I Love You More. Finding Mother emerged as the lead film in box offices during its launch in Central Asia. I Love You More was produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Furthermore, it was shortlisted in the best 20 films in the HBO show Project Greenlight.

He now focuses on developing a platform that will allow all directors, actors and African stories to shine. He worked in the film industry then developed love in what the Bollywood, Hollywood and Asian film industry did for a long time. The three aired their personal stories while showcasing their tradition and culture. Therefore, he came up with AfroLandTV which offers a platform for African stories. Africa has a reach culture and stories that the world will be happy to listen to. But due to lack of the right platforms, such stories are rarely heard.

AfroLandTV’s main goal is to be the best online TV that streams Pan African platform. The platform will also air the first-hand content from Africa and its diaspora. AfroLandTV has featured many films and stories with Tjitji the Himba Girl story as one of them. This is a story about Himba who is a girl that aspires to be the next Oprah. Another film featured in AfroLandTV is Katutura, which is both an action and drama. The film was filmed in Namibia. There is Diembe that talk about Kenyan boy who moved to the UK. Daughter in America which is a series talks about four educated women from Africa who resides in the US. The TV also airs two cooking shows. These are Culinary Conversations from the US and Urban Kitchen from Nigeria. Moreover, it allows viewers to sign up and watch their favorite content. Furthermore, it has a premium category for newly released films. Here viewers are able to hire content for the limited time.

The TV has received an overwhelming market reception. It targets the Pan Africanists in the African diaspora as its main audience. This is mainly those based in Europe and North America. It also gives viewers a feel of African culture from different communities across Africa. Therefore outplays other platforms like Netflix.

AfroLandTV gets their funding from family and friends they currently lack investors. But it is sourcing for an Angel investor that will have interest in working with them. AfroLandTV is working on improving their infrastructure. This will help them in giving their viewers the best quality content. Furthermore, they are planning to launch Roku channel and their personal mobile apps. This will take place in 2018.


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