Zambian Construction Tech Startup, Bosso Africa, Secures Funding for Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency


In response to the pressing need for affordable housing across Africa, Bosso Africa, a Zambian-based company, is spearheading a groundbreaking initiative to optimize the construction supply chain. Through their comprehensive online marketplace, the company aims to revolutionize the accessibility of building materials for hardware stores, construction firms, and individual builders continent-wide.

Chisepo Chirwa, CEO of Bosso Africa, conveyed the company’s dedication to ensuring the widespread availability of affordable building materials through their innovative e-commerce platform. This platform is designed to offer a quicker, more cost-efficient, and streamlined solution to the challenges encountered by millions within Africa’s construction sector.

Bosso Africa strategically collaborates with financial institutions to expand access to finance for its customers. Through these partnerships, Bosso Africa offers diverse financing options, including the widely adopted “buy now pay later” (BNPL) credit model, traditional mortgages, and the innovative “save now, build later” (SNBL) approach.

Chirwa underscored the substantial challenges and opportunities present within Africa’s construction sector, highlighting Bosso Africa’s perspective on this as a significant avenue for contributing to the continent’s development. The company’s mission resonates with the ongoing efforts of numerous African governments to ensure the provision of affordable housing for their citizens.

Renew Capital, an impact investment firm focused on Africa, acknowledges the significance of Bosso Africa’s innovative platform. Calvin Chitangala, Renew Capital’s investment and project manager for Zambia, emphasized the crucial role of affordable housing materials in realizing the objective of affordable housing. Renew Capital is delighted to endorse Bosso Africa in its efforts to enhance the sourcing of building materials across Africa.

Bosso Africa’s strategic partnerships with manufacturers are instrumental in providing a wide array of products while improving transparency and efficiency in the construction supply chain. This collaborative approach helps minimize transaction costs, thereby increasing accessibility to affordable housing for a larger demographic.

As Bosso Africa continues to gain momentum, it is anticipated that their e-commerce platform will not only contribute to the growth of the construction industry but also foster sustainable development and address the pressing need for affordable housing across the continent.




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