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10 Startup to Watch in Zimbabwe


As you know, we are at TechInAfrica, passionated with startups all around the African continent. We have started now that series of watchlist of startups in different African countries, and let’s continue this with Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is part of southern Africa, and has a population of 17 million people. The country is making innovative and technological advancement by the establishment of economic zones, industrial parks and innovation hubs. With 13 million mobile subscriptions, which represent more than 76% of the population and 40% of the mobile users connected to internet, Zimbabwe has a big advertising audience on Social media where Facebook and Instagram represents 1 millions of active users every month. Here are 10 startups that we have selected in Zimbabwe for 2019, that are disrupting different industries with new technologies




Africabooking distribute their clients inventory to multiple distribution channels, including OTAs, and other hotel wholesalers. They currently have

Washen is a laundry service focused on helping you liberate 4X hours a week that you spend taking care of your clothes. Get more information and send an email at [email protected].


X-beta accelerates user driven product development through early user acquisition by providing startups with form/function based feedback from our community of betas.

PayWallet is a mobile app that contains users ledger balances. People can exchange money, by completing a user authorized double entry. When bob sales to Sara goods worth $25, Bob’s balance goes up by 25, and Sara’s balance goes down by 25. PayWallet app displays all the services that the merchants will be offering and it lets you create a receipt for the goods that you want to buy.

Daub is a social platform that allows people to express themself creatively through cool, artistic, humorous and trendy animated memes on all your social networks. Get more information and send an email at [email protected].

YourFarm provides farmers with access to collateral free funding and technology by getting people to invest in crops and livestock and share the profits with the farmers when the produce goes to market.

Justice Today is a mobile application that protects citizens from crime and utilizes artificial intelligence to educate citizens on the steps to take when victimized. The platform also allows citizens to report crime in real time.

ParcelTip is a peer to peer courier services facilitator focused on Africa. Through six degrees of separation they can move parcels cheaply and efficiently.

Wellnescript is a digital Wellness and care marketplace. They help our clients to easily access the services they need. Their clients are individuals, families and corporates. They empower individuals to make lifestyle choices and behaviour changes for their wellness, giving them the best chance of success and happiness in life. They empower through tracking and reporting, personalised wellness coaching and coordination.

Leaph intend to create a better future for the world, a future that enables, empowers and inspires, because they not only believe that it’s possible, They believe they can push boundaries and explore the depths of our creativity and innovation, because one idea can change the world and open immense possibilities.


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