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Meet Queen D. Tardoo, First Benue Female Aeronautical Engineering Student


TechInAfrica – Aeronautical Engineering is a field of study involved primarily in designing and constructing aircrafts, building certain propulsion systems, and studying the aircraft’s behavior regarding the aerodynamic performance connected to controlling it for safe operation. In a field of study specialized for men, a young Nigerian lady named Queen Tardoo proved the stereotypes wrong by being the first Benue woman to study Aeronautical Engineering.

In an interview with 9news and Igbere TV, Tardoo spoke about how she accomplished her triumph.

Initially, Tardoo was a Computer Science student at Benue State University, before eventually moving to Philippines to obtain her second degree. She started the course in the year 2014 at Philippine Air Transport and Training Services (PATTS) College of Aeronautics for three years. Then, in 2017, she transferred to Holy Angel University in hopes of reaching a higher state of education.

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The 28-year-old confessed that her true foundation of achieving her great feat is to have determination, perseverance, hard work. She also admitted that the support from her friends and family also played important key roles in giving her encouragement. Particularly her mother, whom she regards as her number one mentor. Her mother contributed a lot into molding her into the person that she is today, yet she still finds herself looking up to her. Tardoo has always wished for herself to become the kind of woman her mother is—that’s how big her mother’s impact is on Tardoo.

Last but not least, she regards God’s mercy and blessings to be the most crucial elements that made the impossible possible.

For her final project, she worked on a birdstrike prevention project designed to avoid bird-aircraft accidents while flying, which often happens in the world of aviation. This particular project of hers was awarded a medal for the best thesis of 2019, in the Aeronautical Engineering department. In addition, she also worked in several academic and/or extracurricular activities during her time in the educational institution, finishing one project after the other. This, in return, renowned her as the Miss Holy Angel University.

Tardoo admitted that her feat didn’t go exactly peaches and rainbows at first. There were a lot of challenges to overcome for an African woman in an Asian country; she experiences a lot of racism and she admitted ‘it affects her as a student’. Furthermore, being a woman in a field of work considered for men wasn’t exactly easy, either. She had to prove herself all the time to contradict the stereotypes that defines her as not competent enough. A lot of sacrifices have to be made, because Aeronautical Engineering itself isn’t a field of study you can breeze through. Yet, she reassured that it will always be worth it in the end.

Queen D. Tardoo via

For her hobbies, Tardoo enjoys athletic events since she herself is an athlete. She likes to play volleyball, go bowling, and watch sports channels (especially football). In addition, she also appreciates reading, dancing, listening to music, and taking long walks on the beach with her bare feet. You can visit her Instagram @she.king.jpg.

According to her, Nigeria is and always will be her home that she can return to anytime. But after finishing her study, her goal is to obtain more licenses while working at the same time. Because there isn’t any university in Nigeria that can offer her master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering, more than likely she wouldn’t return home for some time near. But, she states that she’ll visit every now and then.

Source: 9news


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