Nestlé Nigeria Partners with the DAME to Provide Adequate Research-Based Information


TechInAfrica — Nestlé Nigeria and Diamond Awards for Media Excellence (DAME) Trust Fund have signed a MoU to conduct ‘Nestlé Prize for Nutrition Reporting.’ The partnership between the two organizations is sponsored by the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ). It aims to empower media professional in the nutrition area and health reporting. Moreover, it will also give recognition, rewards, and celebration to nutrition and health writers.

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Speaking of the DAME, it is the only awards project in the region that covers media disciplines of Journalism, Broadcasting, and Advertising. It was found with the idea that the media is the watchdog of the society. Furthermore, the presence of DAME aims to give recognition and celebration for nutrition and health writers due to their pivotal roles.

The sponsorship from the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) is another step of Nestlé Nigeria’s collaboration with its partners as well as stakeholders to provide sufficient research-based information for people to make healthier food choices. The step comes from a realization that media has a major role in achieving this aim.

Currently, Nigeria has been struggling with the three challenges in nutrition including under-nutrition, over-nutrition, and micronutrient deficiency. Through the project—promoting healthy nutrition habits and improving access to nutritious food—Nestlé is assured that it will have a positive impact on Nigeria’s health profile.

The Managing Director of Nestlé Nigeria, Mauricio Alarcon comments on the importance of the partnership and the program.  He says, “We strongly believe that when provided with adequate information and training, the media plays a key role in raising awareness of key nutrition, health and wellness issues among stakeholders and the public. Armed with fact-based information, individuals and families are empowered to make healthier nutrition choices.”


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