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RapidDeploy Announces Its Partnership with APD Communications


TechInAfrica –  The South African Tech Startup, RapidDeploy has announced its collaboration with APD Communications. This partnership aims to provide an entire hosted solution for control room operation worldwide.

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RapidDeploy provides an innovative cloud-based call-taking and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) platform to better serve public safety as well as many other markets. Moreover, it offers a simpler emergency dispatch through precise address location, gains situational awareness, allocates the appropriate resources for optimized responses, mobile field service apps, as well as advanced incident management tools.

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Meanwhile, APD Communications provides secure, smart and connected control room and fleet technologies that allow organizations to protect and preserve society. The technology is not only used by 69 of the UK police forces and some of fire services, but also help to run the London Underground as well as a major communications infrastructure at Dubai International Airport.

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The partnership between the two companies are expected to bring complementary, cloud-based technologies to maximize the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of critical control operations and provides a combination of APD’s Cortex software-only Integrated Communication Control System (ICCS) with RapidDeploy’s mission-critical dispatch solution.

Speaking or Cortex software, it has been used to answering emergency calls and communicates with frontline responders in over 70 rooms globally. It enables users to have access and control on radio, telephone, and CCTV on one screen. Moreover, it also enables organizations to connect, cooperate, and communicate quickly and effectively.

As what is said by the APD Marketing and Sales Manager, Rhiannon Beeson: “Our work with RapidDeploy is exciting for both businesses and also for our customers. We’re delighted to be working with a partner that shares our vision for cloud-based technologies that break the boundaries of tech development. Our complementary technologies will sit alongside each other to create a full control room suite, for handling calls through our Cortex software and dispatching the required resources through RapidDeploy.”

“We’re changing the way control rooms operate by delivering the very latest technology and harnessing the power of the cloud to deliver truly flexible, innovative and cost-effective control room solutions for the global critical communications market. This new collaboration means we’re well placed to expand further into international markets and offer more organizations managing critical control operations the benefits of entirely scalable, flexible and adaptable cloud-based technologies that deliver efficient operational workflows for the entire control room.”

According to the Chief Executive Officer of RapidDeploy, Steven Raucher, the partnership with APD Communications allow them to select the most innovative control room integrator both in the UK and the UAE. Through the partnership, both companies hope to build a CAD solution to a wider public safety market.


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