The Kenyan Government and The Ministry of ICT to Create White Box Platform


TechInAfrica –  The Kenyan government and the Ministry of ICT are in the process of creating an incubation hub to facilitate innovation and the communication of ideas that is applicable to increase the service delivery of government.

The incubation hub is named White Box and conceptualized as a forum for professionals including academicians, lawyers, techies, and innovators. The forum is supposed to be a place to share ideas and build discussions to find solutions for local issues. Additionally, it aims to centralize procurement of IT solutions and the growing number of Kenyan-based IT innovations that can be used to delivering the government agenda.


The ICT and Innovation CS of White Box says that the platform plans to link these groups of people and create a space to brainstorm ideas as well as innovations that can be tested by the experts of the government. The most applicable ideas will be used for any sector they purpose to serve.

Last week, the platform was launched live and can be accessed here, Apart from the services that have been mentioned earlier, the platform also offers courses for entrepreneurs and execute commercialized projects.

Speaking of the creators of the platform, they have been involved themselves in many activities that put the platform in the right space.

The partnerships of the platform are including The Communications Authority of Kenya, ICT Authority, iHub, The Ministry of ICT and Posta Kenya, and many other partners and sponsors.


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