12 Selected Finalists at the 2017 Seedstars World Prize


EM Guidance is a health tech startup based in Cape Town. The startup came up with a platform and an app that can assist doctors to find more reliable information on medication dosage and treatment guidance. The startup was among the 12 startups to compete for the 2017 Seedstars Global Winner. It also took part in an equity investment competition of $1 million. This was the fifth time Seedstars World Summit was taking place.  It took place at the SwissTech Convention Centre based in Lausanne, Switzerland on 12th April 2018.

The 12 startups were selected from a group 65 applicants who got an invitation to take part in the summit. Seedstars came up with the 65 startups after holding pitching conferences across 65 countries for a period of one year.  This is the second time that South African startup took part in the competition. Giraffe startup from SA became the winner in 2015. The 12 startups got the chance to showcase in front of a jury at the summit at a period of two minutes each. Apart from EM Guidance, there were three other startups from Africa. There was Medsaf from Nigeria, Gifted Mom from Cameroon and Ghanaian Agrocenta. Furthermore, Asia and Latin America were represented by three startups each. Eastern Europe and the Middle East got one slot each.

Selection of the 12 startups was carried out after analysis of each startup’s talent, team, and tech. Furthermore, they looked at the progress each startup has made since the launch. There were a total of 484 meetings held between the 65 startups and investors on 11th April 2018. According to Charlie Graham-Brown the Seedstars World chief investment officer, the number of those meeting ended by investors showing the interest of investing in the startups. Here is the full list of the 12 startups that took part in the summit.

SayurBox from Indonesia is an online platform that offers high-quality fresh products from local farmers. The venture recorded a 10 times growth within a period of one year. Furthermore, it partnered with above 50 farmers.

Ghanaian AgroCenta is an online market platform. It links small-scale farmers to an online market.

Celcoin from Brazil is a startup that changes any smartphone into a Utility Payment Terminal. This is used in recharges, bill payments among other services. One can receive more than 800 utility payments, games recharge, transportation services and digital content for customers and contacts. This is possible for those with smartphones.

Kargo from Myanmar is the first ever marketplace to close the wide gap between emerging businesses and many truck owners.

The United Arab Emirates-based Junkbot is a robotic kit. It assists kids to make their own robots and gadgets. They do this through recycling things like old CDs, coffee or tea cups, cardboard and many others.

EVECalls from Ukraine is an online SaaS platform. It assists companies to notify, survey and sell their customers using an intelligent robot,

South African EM Guidance solves the problem for medical professionals. It does that by aggregating medical content from regional experts in one app.

Nigerian Medsaf uses technology to make the buying and selling process easier for pharmacies and hospitals globally. Medsaf is the most trusted healthcare startup in Africa.

RedCapital from Chile is a crowdfunding P2P lending startup. It offers a platform through which investors get attractive returns at low risk. Furthermore, the SMEs acquire loans at favorable rates. The startup has a risk predictor that allows its investors to realize zero default.

Cameroon based Gifted Mom collects health data from emerging markets and makes them accessible. It does all this via an AI remote medical support platform.

CMED from Bangladesh is an Intelligence of Things (IoT) enabled cloud-based preventive healthcare startup. It monitors health parameters, fore tales health risks and minimizes health costs.

Payit from Mexico is a payment platform. It works on making it easy for Mexicans to pay their daily expense.


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