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A 12-Year-Old Nigerian Girl Fathia Abdullahi Gains Global Recognition for Inventing a Laundry-Folding Robot


TechInAfrica – A 12-year-old Nigerian girl Fathia Abdullah has gained the world’s recognition since she invented a robot that can fold clothes just within seconds. She created the robot after a year of learning coding. Despite being a newbie, she managed to do it quite well, even better than most young people at her age.

Cited from BBC, Fathia said that she designed the laundry-folding robot because she had to spend her weekends by folding too many clothes. Therefore, she invented the robot to help her with the job.

Laundry-Folding Robot
Laundry-Folding Robot via
Fathia Abdullah
Fathia Abdullah via

“I made the T-shirt folder because there are too many clothes to fold on Saturdays and Sundays when you wash a lot. I made it using some pins, some beams, and EV3 brick. I started coding at the age of 11. I decided to build the robot because that’s the problem we have at home. We wash clothes and there are always lots of T-shirts to fold,” Fathia told BBC.

Her prototype has gone viral, thus, so many people are talking about her. Fathia has an ambition that she can develop the technology and someday, will be able to sell it in the market so that she can help more people with the same problem as hers.

Speaking about her future dream, Fathia said that she wants to be a food scientist and hopefully, her creativity will be able to help her to reach the dream.

“I’d love to be a food scientist when I grow up. I’ll be able to use coding to build so many things that would help me,” said Fathia.



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