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HF Group Launches a WhatsApp Banking Solution


TechInAfrica – In order to offer customized mobile banking services to its customers, HF Group in partnership with Infobip, has launched HF WhatsApp banking solution. The solution is said to be the first in Africa that goes live. Additionally, in order to implement the solution and offer its new product to existing as well as new customers, the company has also partnered with other companies, including Wayawaya, Kocela, and Myriad.

The new product enables customers to communicate with the bank via WhatsApp including virtual account opening, fund transfers, loans, bill payments, goods purchases, and other services.

HF Group Launches a WhatsApp Banking Solution
HF Group Launches a WhatsApp Banking Solution via

When asked about the new product, HF Group’s CEO, Robert Kibaara said:

“A highly popular messaging platform with millions of active users in Kenya, WhatsApp unlocks an opportunity for us to offer our customers a more personal, intuitive and efficient way to engage with them on chat. This capability we are pioneering enables HF’s customers to manage their banking needs within their WhatsApp chat with the same efficiency as services obtained at our branches and other digital banking platforms. Customers can simply add HF’s WhatsApp phone number to begin a secure Chat Banking session.”

Customers who want to use the service must save the bank’s WhatsApp phone number in order to get access to the chat service, both in an individual and personalized basis.

“Customers’ expectations are constantly changing and it’s our duty as a customer-centric bank to ensure that our customers are provided with the means to initiate or carry out banking services through any channel they desire wherever they are convenient,” Kibaara added.

Robert Kibaara, HF Group's CEO
Robert Kibaara, HF Group’s CEO via

The new service through WhatsApp is part of the company’s effort to provide solutions to social and economic issues through innovation. Additionally, it hopefully helps to resolve critical issues on ease of access, convenience, safety, and simplicity of essential financial services.

Speaking on the partnership with HF Group, Infobip’s Managing Director for Kenya, said:

“We are very honored to collaborate with such a prominent financial solutions provider. By offering WhatsApp as an alternative channel to their clients. HF Group is strengthening its relationship with customers and acting as a true leader in digital innovation. Enhancing the customer experience is a goal that all big companies should strive to achieve, and we’re thrilled that HF Group was one of the first financial institutions that recognized this opportunity in Kenya.”



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