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1700 Nigerians to Enjoy Digital Skills Training Courtesy of DevCareer and UK-Nigeria


DevCareer in its latest move has partnered with UK-Nigeria Tech Hub, an initiative by the UK government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sports (DCMS). DevCareer is a nonprofit organization that is committed to supporting young Africans looking to break into the tech space. This partnership will foster growth in Nigeria’s tech ecosystem as 1700 Nigerians will go through digital skill training. This training aims to equip them to pursue a career in the tech industry.

As part of the requirement for selected participants, they will undergo a comprehensive 6 months training program, where in-demand skills like software development, design, and product management. The purpose of this training is to promote inclusivity as participants from different backgrounds will be selected. This will also close the digital skills gap in Nigeria.

Sultan Akintude, DevCareer’s founder has expressed that this partnership will be able to reach remote areas and provide support for individuals who lack the opportunity to pursue a tech career. According to him, DevCareer’s Tech program will positively impact the career landscape of people across Nigeria. With UK-Nigeria’s Tech HUb support, DevCareer plans to expand its reach and encourage growth. 

The distinguishing nature of this program is its commitment to nurturing local talent and promoting digital inclusion in Nigeria. Participants will get access to expert-led training, mentorship, and practical projects that will teach them knowledge relevant to the industry. With this training, participants will gain a good foundation to start careers in product management, software development, and design.

DevCareer is currently functional in 10 Nigerian states including cities in Ghana, Zambia, and Kenya. Their organization provides learning resources and tools like laptops, mentorship, courses, and structured curriculum at no cost to individuals. This shows their dedication to empowering the next generation of skilled innovators and technologists. 

The UK-Nigeria Tech Hub, established by the UK Government’s DCMS, will boost the Nigerian tech ecosystem as their activity will promote lasting economic growth. It will also lead to the development of advanced digital skills and build connections between international corporations and local tech companies

DevCareer boasts an active community of over 16,000 members and has awarded a combined total of 2,000 scholarships across various programs. Through its initiatives such as the Laptops4Developers boot camp, scholarship and data stipend distribution, and collaborations with domestic and international organizations, DevCareer is making significant strides in supporting aspiring technologists. Many of its alumni have secured positions in renowned technology companies such as Healthtracka, Flutterwave, Bento, and Plentywaka

Tech enthusiasts are encouraged to join the DevCareer community and take advantage of the opportunities it offers. Interested applicants can apply through DevCareer’s website or the provided link.

The partnership between DevCareer and the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub highlights their shared mission to address unemployment, bridge the digital skills gap, and foster sustainable growth in Nigeria’s technology industry. By empowering individuals with the necessary skills and connecting them with thriving entrepreneurial ventures, the collaboration aims to contribute to the overall economic prosperity of the country.



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