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Flutterwave and Microsoft Join Forces to Revolutionize Payment Infrastructure with Azure

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In a noteworthy collaboration, Flutterwave, a prominent African tech company, has unveiled its strategic partnership with Microsoft. The aim is to construct an advanced payments platform on Microsoft Azure that will power seamless transactions in Africa and beyond.

This joint effort will bolster the growth of transactions handled on the Flutterwave platform, catering to global clients such as Uber, Netflix, and Microsoft. By leveraging the robust capabilities of Azure, the partnership seeks to ensure a reliable, secure, and frictionless payment experience for users, as confirmed in a statement by Flutterwave.

Flutterwave’s Founder and CEO, Olugbenga Agboola, expressed his gratitude for Microsoft’s support, emphasizing that their platform has consistently facilitated the delivery of high-quality services to clients. With the need for efficient payment processing, especially during peak periods, Agboola stressed the criticality of Azure’s robustness, reliability, and scalability. Strengthening the collaboration with Microsoft was a natural progression for Flutterwave, according to Agboola.

Gurbhej Dhillon, Flutterwave’s CTO, noted that the partnership with Microsoft Azure will play a pivotal role in scaling their products and expanding their merchant network worldwide. Leveraging the developer leverage provided by Azure, Dhillon highlighted the benefits it brings to its clients.

Flutterwave is actively transitioning its key products, including Flutterwave for Business, Send by Flutterwave, Flutterwave Store, and Flutterwave for Fintech Platform, to the resilient Azure cloud platform. Furthermore, the company’s utilization of Azure OpenAI Service capabilities enables them to scale their product offerings to millions of merchants globally, as stated in their press release.

Mike Gaal, General Manager at Microsoft Corporation, expressed enthusiasm for empowering Flutterwave’s growth and innovation through their long-standing support of Azure. Gaal reiterated Microsoft’s mission to empower individuals and organizations worldwide, stating that working with Flutterwave brings them closer to achieving this goal in Africa.

The Flutterwave-Microsoft partnership marks a significant milestone in revolutionizing payment infrastructure, harnessing the power of Azure to elevate transaction processes and enhance financial experiences across the continent and beyond.



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