The 2018 Mogadishu Tech Summit


The Mogadishu Tech Summit is an event that focuses on the needs of Somalian government, the private sector, the business community, entrepreneurs, development organization, and donors to use innovation and technology to promote sustainable development.  This event that takes place every year comes at the time when Somalia is striving towards more technologically viable, prosperous and stable economy. The summit is organized by iRise Hub, Mogadishu based technology hub.

The main aim of the summit is to showcase the local technological talent. It is also meant to recognize entrepreneurs and innovators in Somalia. It assembles the brighter and best Somali hackers, innovators, tech gurus, journalists, academics, experts, entrepreneurs, inventors and startups across Somali. The groups come together to explore investment and business opportunities. They also assemble to shape the country’s ecosystem, learn, share ideas and meet new innovators. The summit is unique from other events since it majors mainly on innovators in action. It also brings new ideas of young Somali tech developers, creative, entrepreneurs, and designers. These are mainly those who work in the top corporates in the country.  Moreover, they work at large global brands like Oracle, IBM, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft among others.

The summit will offer them a chance to collectively discuss and give creative solutions that will help solve various challenges in the country through entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation. This will be the biggest summit in Somalia, and it will assemble over 600 delegates. It will also bring together more than 50 startups, 25 investors, and more than 40 exhibitors. The summit will also have boot camps, workshops, hackathons, and pitching events.  The MTS offers individuals a chance to pitch their products, services. It also gives them an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. Tech experts, IT students, innovators, coders, influencers will have the priority at the MTS.

The summit will come with many benefits. The benefits include global best practices, insightful discussions, and technical experts. Attendants will have a chance to share about the new tech progress. This will be ensured through attending round-table discussions during the summit.  Additionally, they will be able to improve their innovative skills. They will also further their knowledge, and entrepreneurship ventures throughout the session. Individuals will have a chance to schedule their meetings through business matchmaking tool with whoever they wish to discuss with during networking breaks.

According to M. Khadar Ismail, the director of MTS2018, Mogadishu is among the fastest growing cities globally. He added that a good number of the country’s population is aged below 30 years. This is the group that plays a vital role in shaping the country’s story. They do that through technology and innovation. He said that Somali’s internet, technology, and ICT penetration have been encouraging. This is especially during this era of disruptive technology. Somali is among the first countries in the world to use cashless, mobile-based technology. Many people in urban and rural centers are using mobile banking services. The services are known as EVC by the locals. Ismail said that the arrival of fibre optic had accelerated the penetration of internet in the country. A new group of young software developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators are showing a positive approach the embracing of the new technology. The main aim of the summit according to Ismail is to get the best ways of using innovation and knowledge to boost youth employment. Additionally, the summit will help to get best ways of driving sustainable economic development through the use of technology and innovation.

Ismail said that they are committed to developing an enabling environment that can attract investment from international investors. This will make Mogadishu an attractive city for investors and tourists. He added that the progress made so far is encouraging although not to the expected level. The Somali people have worked hard to ensure the growth despite the threats brought by many terror attacks in the country. The Somali people have agitated for peace and unity rather than war and division. The summit will take place between July 19th and 19th 2018.


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