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$2m-Backed Ouranos Lab is established to create cutting-edge business solutions in Africa


The opening of Ouranos Lab, a venture studio devoted to developing the services and solutions that will drive the future of enterprise technology in Africa, was announced today by Ouranos Technologies Ltd, a leading provider of IT infrastructure services and solutions in West Africa.

Ouranos Lab is supported by a $2 million investment from Ouranos Technologies and will be directed by Olusegun Maleghemi as Chief Innovation Officer.

Maleghemi has experience in technology and innovation; he formerly held the position of Director at The Nest Innovation Technology Park, which supports entrepreneurs in developing significant solutions.

Ouranos Lab is a logical next step for our organization as we strive to extend our presence in Africa and promote innovation in the technology and innovation arena, according to Joseph Aransiola, managing director of Ouranos Technologies Ltd., who made the announcements.

Africa’s technology sector is set for explosive expansion, and Ouranos Lab will be a key player in fostering that progress. I am certain that this investment will support the discovery and development of new technologies and solutions to promote the enterprise IT sector’s sustainability and expansion in Africa.

Ouranos Lab will concentrate on creating cutting-edge solutions in a variety of fields, including Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Connected Devices, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain use in the non-finance arena, and Data and Identity Security.

The venture studio also plans to collaborate closely with startups and business owners to help them realize their ideas by offering assistance with product development, funding, access to new markets, and mentoring.

Olusegun Maleghemi, Chief Innovation Officer at Ouranos Lab, says, “I am thrilled to lead Ouranos Lab and work closely with the team to drive innovation in the African corporate solutions area. Our team is committed to developing the technologies and innovations that will shape Africa’s future and has a solid background in both. To gear the expansion of enterprise businesses, we will concentrate on creating sustainable and scalable goods.

According to market intelligence company Briter Bridges, Africa’s technology and innovation sector will grow quickly and bring in a total of $5.4 billion in 2022. Due to the scarcity of venture studios across the continent, a large portion of this funding comes from VC firms.

Ouranos Technologies Ltd. CEO Mfon Okon responds, “We are looking to bridge this difference by investing in companies producing creative and scalable solutions germane to the future of corporate solutions in Africa.

Olusegun Maleghemi’s appointment as Chief Innovation Officer was deliberate.

Olusegun is ideally prepared to oversee Ouranos Lab and spearhead the company’s expansion throughout Africa because of his broad background in technology and innovation.

His main objective will be to give entrepreneurs a place to implement their ideas, working closely with them to ensure that their goods and services are effective and appropriate for developing the African enterprise solutions market.

The establishment of Ouranos Lab is a segment of Ouranos Technologies’ expansion plans as it seeks to increase its product and service offerings and its presence in Africa from three to six nations by the end of 2023. 

Working with international and local partners, the company has provided IT infrastructure services and solutions to clients across several African regions over the past ten years.

About Ouranos Lab

Ouranos Technologies (Ouranos) is a major provider of IT infrastructure services and solutions to customers in West Africa and all over Africa.

The business creates, constructs, and offers solutions for critical business infrastructure, including enterprise-wide communication, networking, systems and storage, data centers, and business applications.

It currently has operations in Nigeria, Benin, and Cameroon in Africa. By the end of 2023, it hopes to expand to six African nations. Additionally, Ouranos Technologies is launching Ouranos Lab to advance the creation of scalable business technology solutions across Africa.

About Olusegun Maleghemi

Before working at Ouranos Lab, Olusegun Maleghemi served as the Director of Incubation at The Nest Innovation Technology Park. 

He combined this job with his employment as Project Director at Exolve Technologies, a firm that develops custom applications for software. He used to work for NEC Japan and Business Connexion, both of which were bought by TELKOM.

Olusegun has a master’s degree in innovation and technology management from the University of Bath and has held top leadership positions. Additionally, he graduated from the Lagos Business School and the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) Kuru as a PLSC-45 Alumnus.




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