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Collaboration aims to shake up Africa’s tech education programs


Ckrowd, a content streaming platform focused on Africa, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the School on Air initiative of Nigeria’s Educational Advancement Centre. 

The goal of the collaboration is to publish an education catalog that will support young African students and use technology to deliver educational programming at an affordable price.

The partners intend to provide digital STEM classes in home-grown Nigerian languages (including Ibo, Yoruba, Hausa, and French). 

They believe this will help remove the language barrier for pupils primarily raised in their mother tongue. When they were taught in their native tongue, many young Yoruba pupils exhibited a better interest in STEM subjects and increased their knowledge retention of these topics by 65%. 

This was discovered through research. The people involved in the project say it will help more than 40 million young Africans, especially in West Africa. It will also give students from all walks of life access to education and learning opportunities and help them make a better living.

Both organizations will actively work together to build a large educational catalog. This will help many young students across the continent get an affordable education by using new technological tools.

“The Memorandum of Understanding that we signed would serve as a solid beginning point for establishing synergies in technology, education, and the transmission and advocacy of information,” said Kayode Adebayo, the Chief Executive Officer of Crowd. 

Even in situations in which English is not used as a lingua franca, Crowd and School on Air plans  to organize combined STEM classrooms, seminars, and training courses in a variety of West African languages to advance the goal of inclusive educational development for all. This is just the beginning. The crowd is committed to making life better for the next generation of young Africans by partnering with tech manufacturing, educational content producers, and data and streaming service companies to bring real value to young Diasporans and Africans on the continent.

Creating unique and ad hoc local solutions and innovations to help African countries move forward and use the new power of the digital age, content creation, technology, and education.

Muyiwa Bamgbose, CEO of School on Air, said, “The partnership between Crowd and School on Air will help spread knowledge and allow many young students across the Continent to use Ckrowd’s technology to access more educational resources in different non-Western languages.”School on Air is happy to promote and help with this project, which will help us all learn more and significantly impact Africa as a whole.

According to the organizations, the purpose of this agreement is to close the educational gaps that exist across Africa and to offer opportunities that will assist students in acquiring the professional knowledge, technical skill sets, and attitude necessary to excel and function at a global level within a comprehensive curriculum that will benefit future generations.




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