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Adapt IT education to educate Kenyan higher education institutions about the benefits of digital transformation


To change the education sector in Kenya, we intend to highlight our market-leading education technology solutions.

On 3rd November 2022, Adapt IT Education Division (“Adapt IT Education” or “the organisation”) and IT News Africahosted an industry thought leadership breakfast event at the Serena Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, to discuss the problems and benefits of adopting digital transformation in the higher education sector.

Higher education as we know it is changing because of how technology is changing. Today’s technology makes it easier and more effective for institutions to run their processes and operations, which improves the overall student experience. The Mthembu, Executive Manager of Business Development and Marketing at Adapt IT Education, says, “This added functionality helps not only the students but also the institutions and their faculty.

“Students learn differently, so institutions need to be more flexible, affordable, and easy to get into to keep up with rising demand. 

Because of digitalisation, there are exciting newer ways to make teaching and learning better, as well as better ways to run operations.

Even though digital transformation is now a necessary change in the education sector, and educational institutions must make and carry out plans for digital transformation, some institutions are still not fully digital.

According to the Executive Manager of Digital Transformation for Learning at Adapt IT Education, Naledi Mohohlo

Nella Certified Moodle Partner in South Africa, Mauritius, Botswana, Kenya, and Nigeria, Adapt IT Education helps corporations and higher education institutions create an engaging digital learning platform that is learner-centred and gives current and future learners a new user experience. “.

Our e-learning solution gives teachers flexible and powerful tools to help them teach better and do their jobs better by giving them access to learning materials anywhere, on any device.

Mohohlo says, “Moodle is the best way to bring your classroom into the 21st century because it has many tools to get your students involved in online learning.”

breakfast event for thought leaders in the industry

CEOs, CFOs, Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors, Heads of Departments, Heads of Faculty, and Heads of ICT from private higher education institutions across Kenya will attend the Adapt IT Higher Education Breakfast.

The focal points to deliberate include 

  • Using new technologies to make the student experience better
  • Making things better for teaching and learning

Event speakers

  • Nyasha Mutsekwa ,Regional Sales Executive for Adapt IT East Africa.
  • Naledi Mohohlo, who is the Executive Manager of Adapt IT Education: Digital Transformation for Learning
  • The Mthembu is the Executive Manager of Business Development and Marketing at Adapt IT Education.

Innovation is at the heart of how Adapt IT Education meets client needs. The organisation has mastered the flexibility to give customers individualised software solutions by capitalising on its extensive expertise in the relevant area.

Through this breakfast event, Adapt IT Education hopes to work with Kenyan colleges and universities to help them use digital transformation to improve the experiences of their students and campuses.

Click this link to sign up for this event or learn more about it.




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