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AJA.LA STUDIOS LTD has announced that it will support voice recognition for more African languages.


AJA.LA STUDIOS LTD (ajala), the leading provider of enterprise voice automation solutions for the African market, has announced that speech recognition capability for Ghanaian and Nigerian English will be available beginning in November 2022.

Currently, ajala supports voice recognition and speech synthesis for Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Kiswahili, and Kinyarwanda, which more than 200 million people speak in Africa. Voice recognition allows businesses to make apps that turn speech into text.

Accounting for a wide range of accents and code-switching between English and native languages, ajala’s voice recognition accurately transcribes English as spoken in Nigeria and Ghana while also capturing phrases in native languages.

Ajala wants to help African languages in many ways.

Please email [email protected] or call us to set up a demo or discuss your business needs. 




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