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Nvidia is offering GeForce NOW to South Africa through a partnership with Rain


GeForce NOW, the premium cloud gaming service offered by NVIDIA, will launch in South Africa in the early part of 2023 as a result of a cooperation between NVIDIA and Rain, a mobile network operator in South Africa.

GeForce NOW uses cloud technologies to stream PC games with ultra-low latency from powerful GeForce-powered servers. Rain data centres will host the service locally.

In the end, millions of South African users will be able to get the best gaming experience without having to spend thousands of rands on the latest graphics cards, Rain said in a press release.

“The ability to stream and enjoy the latest games on most devices represents a significant step forward for the gaming community,” he said.

With the launch of GeForce Now in South Africa, NVIDIA is making its first move into Africa.

To use the service, gamers only need a screen, controllers that work with the service, and an internet connection.

Members can stream games they already own from Steam, Epic, Ubisoft, and Origin, even on devices with low processing power.

In the first quarter of 2023, the service will start. For now, gamers who want to sign up for the beta program can do so here.

Recent data shows that South Africa has the largest video game market in Africa. With 24 million gamers, 40% of the population plays video games, making it the country with the most gamers.

Last year, the game industry on the continent produced $590 million in sales, with Sub-Saharan Africa being the fastest-growing market worldwide for mobile gamers.




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