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Kwik, a Nigerian e-commerce platform, has launched in Ibadan


Kwik, an e-commerce and delivery platform based in Lagos, Nigeria, announced that it is now offering services to entrepreneurs, merchants, government agencies, businesses, and social vendors in Ibadan, Nigeria. The company says that all its deliveries will be made in less than an hour.

Ibadan is a key commercial city and one of the Nigerian cities that is growing fast . The growing difficulty in transporting items all across the city is one of the drawbacks of the rapid expansion that has taken place. Kwik has stated that it intends to play a key role in resolving this issue by committing to a delivery time of less than one hour for goods sent from businesses to customers.

According to Kwik’s Founder and CEO Romain Poirot-Lellig, the company’s goal is to have more than 500 partner vehicles available on its platform in Ibadan within the next 12 months.

Poirot-Lellig asserts that the Lagos-Ibadan corridor is rapidly becoming the most dynamic industrial and commercial hub of West Africa due to rapidly improving infrastructure, exceptional market depth, and favorable local government policies.

They claim that it is Kwik’s responsibility to ensure that all moving elements can “circulate effectively.”

KwikStore is Present in Ibadan

Along with its award-winning delivery service, Kwik is bringing its KwikStore feature to Ibadan.

Kiwkstore is an online storefront tool that is both innovative and free. It helps merchants automate their online sales and keep track of their inventory. The company reports that the time required to set up an online store has been reduced to only five minutes.

Nigeria’s burgeoning e-commerce sector

Since 2015, the number of e-commerce transactions in Nigeria has grown steadily. According to Yinka Olayanju, the Chief Operating Officer of Kwik, “more than eighty percent of Nigerians prefer to shop online from the comfort of their homes and have these things delivered to their doorsteps.

“Kwik will ensure that products of any kind arrive in pristine condition by shipping them in their isothermal bags.

This growing trend of online activities has led to a sharp rise in government spending and growth in the economy as a whole. Both of these things need logistics support, which Kwik Delivery is best able to provide,” she said.

Launched in 2019, the Kwik platform is now available to merchants and businesses all over Nigeria. Last-mile delivery is available in Lagos State, Ogun State, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Abuja, and now Ibadan city in Oyo State.




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