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WhatsApp is giving beta testers on Android screen-sharing and other new tools.


WhatsApp is adding many new features again, which seems to happen constantly. I’ve never had to update my WhatsApp app this often. It looks like there are changes for WhatsApp all the time now.

The ability to share your screen is one of the newest features. After pressing the screen sharing button, which is now available to beta testers of the Android app version, users can confirm and start sharing the information of their screen on video calls. Screenshots also show that the function records the part of the shared call.

There’s more

WhatsApp is also adding a feature called “usernames,” which could soon change how we talk to each other on WhatsApp. Users can find each other using their usernames instead of just phone numbers.

And that’s not all: soon, users will be able to use a cool “status archive” feature that lets businesses save their status updates for 24 hours and then share them again later. Say goodbye to temporary status updates that disappear for good.




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