4.3 Million Informal Workers In Morocco Set To Receive COVID 19 stipends

The funds will be drawn from the country’s Special Fund for the Management and Response to COVID 19.


Mohammed Benchaaboun, Morocco’s minister of economy, finance and administrative reform, stated that 4.3 million informal workers will receive stipends from the country’s Special Fund for the Management and Respond to the COVID 19 pandemic. He made the statement while answering questions at the House of Representatives.

The minister pointed out that the 2.3 million households in the country, whose heads (breadwinners) possesses RAMED card, and whose jobs has been suspended courtesy of the lockdown, will get the funds. He was quoted as saying that approximately 38 percent of these households are people who reside in rural areas.

The minister expressed the government’s preparedness to ensure that the scheme was successful. He said a specialized team had been set-up to ensure the plan succeeds and noted that adequate digitalization of the process was in place.

The team formed to distribute the COVID 19 funds, according to Mohammed Benchaaboun, had successfully developed valuable computer programs for the process. However, they will also be communicating with the head of each household that qualifies for the funds via mobile phones. According to the minister, over 16,000 aid distribution points and ATMS have been made available.

The minster also stated that over 80 percent of financial aid had been distributed to various households affected by the nationwide lockdown, since the distribution of palliatives started.

2 million households, basically non-RAMED holders, who happens to be employed in the informal sector, got the aid from the government. Each person was asked to file a stipend request on ( And after careful examination of each application filed, those who qualified for the stipends were issued accordingly.

The primary objective of the government is to present the spread of the COVID 19 and ensure people don’t starve. The minister, Mohammed Benchaaboun, also reiterated that the doors are still open for new requests.


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