Morocco and the EU Considers Post-COVID 19 Partnership

The partnership is viewed as a way to address possible post-COVID 19 economic crises


Morocco and the EU (European Union) consider building a strong partnership once the COVID 19 pandemic ends.

Moulay Hafid Elalamy, Minister of Industry of the country, Morocco, has had a promising video conferencing call with Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s commissioner for Competition and Digital Affairs. The attendees carefully reviewed the partnership between both countries.

Moulay Hafid Elalamy made known to Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) that Europe now sees how critical revisiting her production tool is, particularly at this time when the world is battling with the COVID 19 pandemic.

The minister stated that “It is proposed in this context to carry out a joint study, which hinges on the capacity to build within the framework of a new mode of cooperation, in a manner that will mutually enhance our resilience to the crisis that the world is facing.

According to the statement made by the minister, Morocco has discovered brand new dimensions with regards to its industrial sector and, thus, can “breathe a new life into this resilience.”

Margrethe Vestager, the commissioner who stood in for the European Union, also expressed her satisfaction concerning the proposal, as it would strengthen the union’s cooperation with the country, Morocco.

Morocco’s Elalamy also continued, “We also talked extensively during the video call, about Morocco and Europe’s experience, in the area of personal data protection.

Omar Seghrouchni, Morocco’s President of National Control Commission for Protection of Personal Data (CNDP), who also participated in the video conference call, said Morocco remains a continental leader when it comes to the protection of the personal data of her citizens.

Margrethe Vestager provided a detailed presentation centered on Europe’s data protection strategies. However, after her presentation, the CNDP head, Seghrouchni, recalled Morocco’s position with regards to data protection. The minister also went further to state that the nation is looking into several tech projects for the support of deconfinement while keeping citizens’ personal data safe.

Seghrouchni also said, and I quote, “Morocco is considering, with huge interests, the diverse proposals put forward by the EU, to choose the most effective and optimal of the lots.

There is a rich history behind the EU and Morocco’s strong ties. The relationship between both countries hinges on multilateral cooperation, bothering on immigration, trade, and counterterrorism.

The European Union also extended the hand of support to Morocco, by offering €450 million to support the fight against the global pandemic, COVID 19.

According to the EU commission, €150 will go into the Special Fund for the Management and Response to COVID 19, which was created on March 15 by King Mohammed VI.

However, the remaining €300 million from the EU will come later.


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