Morocco’s Credit Agricole Launches a Radio Station to Engage Staff during The Nationwide Lockdown

Credit Agricole’s primary aim is to keep communication with all its employees open.


Credit Agricole Group Morocco has announced the launching of a new radio station designed for its employees. This initiative is in line with the country’s banks’ preventive action as the COVID-19 crisis, and nationwide lockdown persist.

Using the CAM Radio app, all employees of Credit Agricole can have access to this radio station.

According to its press release, the company stated that the launch of the radio station was to bring its workers together and keep them in touch, as it is the wise thing to do in this challenging period.

The bank also said the CAM Radio would provide “steady interactivity” on topics relevant to the moment, such as preventive measures of the COVID19, implementing a new work organization, and rendering support to customers experiencing cash flow challenges. The bank also reiterated that the support would also be extended to farmers.

Via this radio station, Credit Agricole employees, including their entire household, can address both small and big everyday subjects experienced at home and in the bank.

Credit Agricole also plans to use the radio station to conduct and broadcast interviews. These interviews will also be on diverse contents, aimed at responding to the personal and professional needs of the bank’s employees, their households, including customers.

A member of the management board and the Group’s Secretary-General, Meriem Idrissi Kaitouni, said, and I quote, “CAM Radio’s establishment will ensure synergies are stimulated and that the link between Credit Agricole’s employees will be maintained, irrespective of the physical distance.”

Credit Agricole is also hoping to keep the employees and the entire team of the bank in high spirits during the COVID-19 crisis.

Kaitouni also added that “We have a duty, and that duty is to remain healthy and united, to fulfill our civic mission.

Morocco entered a state of emergency because of the COVID-19 crisis on March 20, 2020. And though the state of emergency is billed to end in April, the country has recorded several deaths and successful recoveries, during the crisis.


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