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4 Key Insights SA Businesses Need to Understand About Born Digital Employees

Photo by Ono Kosuki from Pexels

TechInAfrica – Currently, the young people of South Africa – are getting more decisive about the requests and yearnings they wish to see addressed in their economy.

When South Africa moves forward to its digital revolution, the abilities and development of younger workers are getting more significant than any time in recent memory. The provisions of South Africa rely upon the access, data, and platform the country brings to its young generation. 

Below are 4 things businesses in South Africa need to understand about Born Digital employees:

  1. Job security is key; especially in South Africa

According to research conducted by Citrix, the present business pioneers are detached from what Born Digital information laborers truly need from work and have not precisely anticipated the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on this present gathering’s inspirations and desires.

  1. There is no negotiation; the future is hybrid

More than a half of Born Digital information laborers need to spend most or the entirety of their time working from home post-pandemic. Though many accept that the workplace is the best spot for usefulness, many of them say that home-working is best for prosperity. What is to come is a crossover or disseminated work, and companies should figure out how to improve on function and make the space their workers need to prevail in these areas.

  1. Purpose < Company Culture

The Born Digital is the original to experience the digital world. Now represent a massive part of the worldwide labor force, including South Africa, where they make up 34.7% of its people– however, it is about more than the main concern for this age.

  1. Mindfulness is Treasured

Many might state that financial wealth has become the main goal for the born-digital generation of future leaders. However, 83% of Born Digital employees would focus on worker emotional well-being and prosperity in their workplace once they arrived at administration levels inside their careers.


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