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PremiumFree Launched In SA

credit: PremiumFree TV

TechInAfrica – The newly launched PremiumFree in South Africa has been around since 2018 in Ghana and Nigeria, which now export its 25 free channels to the country.

The service uses Intelsat’s IS20 satellite and now available via 40 million installed satellite dishes.

According to the CEO of AfricaXP, the company behind PremiumFree TV, Craig Kelly, the broadcast, which is unencrypted, freeing the cost and hassle of importing channels.

“Broadcasting unencrypted not only means that the service can be offered free of charge, it also means that the channels can be instantly received on dishes and decoders already owned, installed, and connected,” he explained.

“It’s all about instant reach for us and with no extra equipment or cost for the viewer.”

The channels will cater to viewers of telenovela, sports, movies, kids shows, documentaries, TV series, comedy, reality programming, and gospel, which Kelly said, are custom-made contents for African viewers. These channels can be accessed via generic or universal free-to-air MPEG-4 DBV-S decoders, such as OpenView and DStv decoders, though the decoders may delete the setting instead of scanning the channels.

The company also gives an alternative step if the OpenView and DStv decoders don’t work.

“If you have a DStv Explora connected, you will also need to look at the plastic LNB on the middle of your dish and swap the cable from the original smart LNB connector to the other universal LNB connector. Any satellite dish installer can assist you.”

Meanwhile, the service will start its broadcasts on 1 May.



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