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HIV Communities In SA Rely On New Cloud Software To Track Funding


TechInAfrica – In South Africa, efforts have been made to reduce the severity of HIV. The recent statistics show the 40% percent of women with age ranging from 15 to 24 contracted with the virus. Therefore, the instilled advancement of technology application along with the 4th industrial revolution proved HIVSA’s movement of implementing QuickBooks at 22 HIV community-based organizations to be worthwhile.

QuickBooks is a cloud accounting software designed for a centralized and automated system that practically track the ins and outs of funding, which help the HIV/AIDS-related communities manage the funds and to attract the new ones by following the bookkeeping to an international standard.

As a non-profit organization aiming for an HIV-free generation, HIVSA’s biggest challenge is the ease of accessing financial information from the independent community-based organizations to provide funding. Certainly, the presence of the cloud-based software has helped solve these issues.

“I think this is an incredible example of how digital technology can cross boundaries and bring people together from all walks of life. It’s a clear example of why businesses don’t need to be fearful to make the change and embrace technology,” says Lauren du Plooy, Director or Rae & Associates and Intuit QuickBooks trainer.


According to Lauren, the manual aspect of the previous accounting system has been successfully replaced with the software’s constant update. “The system we have implemented is going to allow the centers to be up to date daily and not have to rely on external accountants to send them reports every few months or once a year,” Lauren explains. Now the communities don’t have to prepare Excel spreadsheets every time there’s incoming and outcoming data, which means a less administrative role for HIVSA too.

 “Now they can see how their money is being spent every day, while the centralized format makes it easier for them to claim funds,” Lauren adds.



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