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Zenysis, a data startup raises $13.1 million in Series B round


Zenysis Technologies, a prominent startup with operations in both Capetown and San Francisco, has announced that it has completed a Series B round of funding totalling $13.3 million.

The non-profit Steele Foundation for Hope spearheaded the fundraising effort.

In 2016, Jonathan Stambolis established the company to assist underdeveloped countries in better responding to humanitarian emergencies and advancing public health in such states.

Governments and partners are using the software made by Zenysis in nine countries in South America, Asia and Africa. 

Harmony, an open-source offering from Zenysis, was utilized to establish an emergency command center in response to the disease outbreak. This allowed for the consolidation of data from many UN agencies, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations into a single decision-support system.

Stambolis says that one of the most exciting things about his company’s work with governments is how easily it can handle other problems after being required to work on one. It’s satisfying to see that when we get a chance to show what we can do, we’re given more power, he said. He went on to say that it was gratifying to observe how we were given extra authority whenever we were given a chance to demonstrate the value we brought to the table.

They will come to accept us as a partner as our connection with the nations we work with continues to develop. I firmly believe that throughout the previous fifteen years, the ethos of Silicon Valley has been mainly defined by the phrase “move fast and break things;” we have demonstrated that we are a unique kind of company. We appreciate doing speedy repairs.

In 2016, Zenysis raised $2.8 million in seed funding, and in 2018, it raised $5.8 million in Series A funding. The company also wants to triple its global reach in the next two years, focusing on growing in Africa.

Stambolis asserts that Zenysis will collaborate with visionaries to make astute investments to advance its expertise and technology. 




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