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The Creative Minds Of Africa: 4 Emerging Social Enterprises in 2019


TechInAfrica – As Africa keeps its population growing in numbers, it is also aligned with the growth of social enterprises emerging from across the continent. More tech hubs and accelerators have entered the countries with their innovative solution that tackled environmental and social issues.

Among the emerging creative and compassionate minds are the four African social enterprises that manage to garner positive responses for their impressive contribution to society.

Let’s meet them:

  1. mPharma

mPharma wants to make medicines less of a paywall for the Africans, so the Ghana-based social enterprise started managing prescription inventory for the local pharmacies to achieve their mission.

The enterprise has launch new initiatives, such as a financial program targeted to breast cancer treatment in Nigeria, while expanding its business by purchasing Kenya’s pharmacy chain, which is known as the second-biggest in the country.

Founder of mPharma, Gregory Rockson said that they are planning on supplying affordable drugs to public hospitals as well as pharmacies, following the enterprise’s $1.5 million rewards from eBay billionaire Jeff Skoll.

  1. Easy Solar

Deemed as the ‘game-changers’ in technology, founder of Easy Solar, Nthabiseng Mosia who recently made it to Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 list, already has plans to expand the enterprise at a rapid speed next year.

Easy Solar is focused on providing solar-powered electricity to the affected area such as Sierra Leone. The pay-as-you-go system has helped 15 of 16 districts in Sierra Leone enjoying access to electricity while expanding to Liberia as well.

After reaching the 300,000 users milestones this year, the future of the three-year-old enterprise has never been this bright.

  1. Toolboksi

Toolboksi is a bridge that mends the unemployment problem in the country. By connecting the potential employee to the local artisans and handymen, Toolboksi helps reduces the rate of unemployment.

The enterprise, which was recently awarded as Best Social Impact Start-up for its growth, has recorded above 3,000 transactions in its online platform.

With such growth, the Tanzania-based company is certainly making huge waves in the industry while facilitating the people whose skills in carpentry, plumbing, or construction work could meet the matched artisans and handymen.

  1. SiyaBuddy

This South African enterprise is concerned with the way wastes are disposed and their solution is simple: recycle it. The start-up manages the waste by purchasing them from the local collectors who are mostly women. These purchased wastes are then sold to recycling companies.

Siyabuddy has recently won the World Export Development Forum in Ethiopia, in the pitching contest for young entrepreneurs, and their efforts are getting sounder than before.




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