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5 Tips On Utilizing IoT Devices For Your Business Office


TechInAfrica – IoT, or the Internet of Things, is a growing infrastructure of internet-enabled objects, intending to increase control, automation, and data collection. It can bring many improvements to your office, depending on how it’s utilized. Here is a compiled list of IoT devices that are worth trying.

  1. Efficient smart printers will order cartridge for you, and more

Save loads of time with smart printers that monitor paper and ink supplies and notifying you when it’s almost run out. No more waiting for brand new toner cartridge since these printers can order new ones without your involvement. Set your smart printer by connecting it to a cloud service, such as MPS Monitor or Google Cloud. Some printers do include their cloud utilities, like HP, which offers 4 cloud solutions to users.
  1. Smart bulbs adjust to your need with a single touch or command

Smart bulbs excel in energy-saving and practicalities. You can control them with voice or apps, as well as Bluetooth.  Phillip Hue series can be your choice, as it tracks your usage, can be adjusted to fit your schedule by setting timers. Another bulb with colors, like Sengled or LIFX, helps reduce eye strain, and thus gives comfort to the eyes.
  1. Manage office workloads with smart assistants

Ever wonder how productive your office day would be if there’s a ready-to-go assistant to help with workloads? In a professional business setting, Alexa for Business from Amazon will sync with all the IoT devices available in the office. From organizing and tracking meetings to reports of weather, you can count on Alexa.

  1. Smart vacuums can be alternative cleaning tools

Cut on cleaning costs with smart vacuums. Unlike conventional vacuums, these smart vacuums have memory banks that prevent them from bumping into furniture, and they can be integrated with wifi and Alexa or Google Assistant. Vacuums like Eufy or Roomba have excellent cleaning performance.
  1. Track equipment with IoT tagging.

IoT tagging is useful for finding office assets. You can use Aruba asset tracker or Atmel’s              GPS trackers to find your assets. Be it a laptop, company phone, or even projector, the                    trackers can mark its location just for you.


These are 5 tips on utilizing IoT devices to improve your office productivity. Be sure to frequently update your device to avoid non-patched security holes, as IoT, like other digital systems, is vulnerable to attacks. You can either create a secondary network separated from your primary one to protect your overall infrastructure, as to make sure, even if the worst-case scenario were to happen, such as when someone or a team hacked into your office IoT device, your user data would at least be safe due to the separate network.



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