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5 Zambian water company partners with Cellulant



Cellulant, a Pan-African payments tech firm, recently announced a digital payment collaboration with five of Zambia’s most prominent water utility companies. These companies are Mulonga Water, Kafubu Water, Chambeshi Water, Nkana Water, and Western Water.¬†

Customers in the province will be able to pay their water bills more conveniently thanks to this cooperation, which will allow them to use their preferred bank (ZambiaNational Building society, Native and Standard Chartered Bank)and mobile money.

Customers would be able to make payments for their water bills using Tingg as a result of the collaboration. All the water utility firms in North Zambia have joined since the initial agreement with Nkana, and Mulonga Water took place three years ago. As a result, digital payment processing has experienced explosive growth. In addition, since going live, Tingg by Cellulant has processed approximately K11 million transactions.

Because digitizing the payment creates a virtuous loop of payment and service improvement, it makes it possible for thousands of people in Zambia to get access to water services that are both more effective and inexpensive. In the end, when customers are given the ability to pay conveniently and are provided with a positive experience as a customer, their eagerness to pay promptly and regularly will significantly increase. Consequently, the water utility firm experiences lower expenses in collections and more significant income, improving its ability to enhance services, invest in innovation and extend their network

We have spent years developing a payments platform to resolve problems that both customers and businesses experience. We’ve invested a significant amount of time and resources into the development of a payments platform to address issues that are faced by businesses as well as the clients of those businesses. To meet the needs of thousands of Zambians, “the vertical of water utility firms is particularly crucial,” stated Cellulant Zambia’s Country Manager, Mr Gilbert Lungu, at the partnership announcement ceremony in Kitwe.

The Honourable Mike Mposha, Minister of Water Development and Sanitation, praised Cellulant for mitigating the digital payment gap and noted that water utility firms are moving to technologies that improve effectiveness and efficiency in revenue collection when he spoke at the same event.

Speaking at the event, the Honorable Mike Mposha, Minister of Water Development and Sanitation, praised Cellulant for mitigating the digital payment gap and expressed his delight that water utility firms are transitioning to technologies that will improve efficiency and effectiveness of revenue collection.

I intend to use this occasion to strongly encourage water utility firms to adopt innovations and technologies that will increase the efficiency with which they generate income and contribute to the overall improvement of the companies’ capacity to remain financially viable. During the Covid-19 pandemic, revenue collection has been a problem, and digital services can help alleviate this problem while also halting the spread of the disease, according to the Honourable Mike Mposha, Minister of Water Development and Sanitation.

Over three hundred thousand users will benefit from the cooperation since it will make it simpler for them to pay their water bills using Tinggi. Ting is a payment gateway that Cellulant offers. It provides a single unified payment service for businesses and the end consumers that those businesses serve.





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