54gene launches mobile COVID-19 test lab in Nigeria

The e-health startup pilots their first COVID-19 mobile lab

54gene mobile container

54gene launched its first mobile COVID-19 testing lab, a first of several others that they intend to open throughout the country. The mobile laboratory is fully equipped with instruments that are specifically for COVID-19 testing. The mobile lab will allow them to carry out mass testing throughout the country with ease as they utilize the recently unveiled Nigeria Covid-19 testing fund and support fund. The initiative is a partnership between Ogun state and First City Monument Bank and is aimed at helping the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control achieve their testing targets.

The versatility of the new test lab eliminates time-consuming delay features that are synonymous with conventional testing centers.  Other items within the 40 ft containers are heating blocks, vortexes, biosafety cabinets, centrifuges, pipettes, an autoclave, and PCR machines.

The plug and play capability will remove the need for shipping samples for testing. Shipping samples to other locations for processing reduces the turnaround time required when testing. Clinicians are thus able to treat their patients quicker.

The first of the mobile testing labs commenced in Ogun state as more are being unveiled within the next few weeks. The tests are mostly stationed in local government areas. Other partners involved in the project are Arnergy Solar, Argentil Group, Tempohousing Nigeria Ltd, and Wild Fusion Limited. 

54gene recently raised $15 million in Serie A funding which the company will channel to human genome research. Dr. Abasi Ene-Obong is the CEO and leader behind the Nigerian e-health startup.


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