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9Mobile Renews Gravitas Partnership, Reiterates Dedication to Nigerian Enterprises


The Innovative telecom company 9mobile has said again that it wants to help Nigerian businesses grow and encourage collaboration between different industries to help the country’s economy grow even more.

Phillips Oki, CFO of 9mobile, gave the assurance on Thursday while he was on Gracefield Island with the management team from the company Phillips Oki was representing 9mobile Chief Executive Officer Juergen Peschel, who was absent from the trip. This technologically advanced metropolis is currently being built in the Lekki axis of Lagos by Gravitas Investments Limited.

Built on purposefully reclaimed territory within the rapidly developing premium Lekki Lagos shoreline, the new integrated cosmopolitan, smart city of Gracefield Island has a population of 25,000 people and was conceptualized and developed by Gravitas.

Residents and businesses looking for a more livable and quiet environment that promotes enhanced comfort and productivity will be able to make use of the world-class facilities and services available on the exclusive island.

Other services include the Internet of Things which can be used for security, surveillance, intelligent utility solutions, fleet tracking, smart metering, and smart home solutions.

During the visit, a solar-powered 9mobile kiosk was unveiled, and an assessment of the island’s infrastructure deployment was conducted. Oki had a strong sense of satisfaction regarding the working relationship that had been forged between the two businesses. In addition to this, he reaffirmed that 9mobile was prepared to take the partnership to the next level.

We are here to take this connection to the next level and also to express our gratitude to Gravitas for the collaboration they have shown. We are grateful that you have decided to use our telecommunications services as the primary provider for this project. “Every other estate will take note of the world-class model established on Gracefield Island,” Oki stated.

Oki announced that 9mobile would open a mini-office that would function around the clock on the island to demonstrate the company’s dedication to collaboration further. He stated that the partnership would transition from a project to a program.

Olufemi Babalola, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Gravitas, responded by expressing his satisfaction that 9mobile recognized its goal and has remained a loyal partner since its beginning. He said that the cooperation would change from being a project to being a program.

Babalola, who also emphasized the unique qualities of Gracefield, stated that the community’s decision to have 9mobile as its primary provider of telecommunications services was well thought out and strategic.

Gracefield Island is planned to be a smart city, and a significant portion of our success will depend on the quality of the telecom technology we implement. As a result, we are delighted to count on you while complimenting the telecommunications company for its dedication to providing high-quality services, innovations, and excellent customer care, our collaborator,” he continued,

Oki was accompanied by 9mobile’s senior management team members, such as the Director of Customer Care, Ehimare Omoike, the Director of Marketing Communications, Saidat Lawal-Mohammed, and the Acting Director of Enterprise Business, Olalekan Fatusa, amongst other people.



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