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Kenya-based Solarise On Undisclosed Series A Funding


TechInAfrica – Solarise is a based in Kenya leasing company that focuses on generating a clean energy and energy efficiency. The company was founded by Patrik Huber, Jan Albert Valk, and Sakkie van Wijk specializing on solar and other energy assets. The company targets commercial and industrial clients (C&I) using scalable business model. The company focus has been on captive rooftop and ground-mounted solar projects in the range of 100kW to 3MW.  While currently operating in Kenya, the company is considering expanding its business to the South, East, Southern, and West of Africa.

Solarise recently secured an undisclosed Series A funding to scale across Africa. This company provides financing through a group of partners, with the first raise in their initial Series A funding in October 2018 within a round led by EAV, a smart infrastructure investor. EAV, now along with the European Union-funded ElectriFI has re-invested in the company. As Dominiek Deconick, the acting Manager at ElectriFI said, Solarise Africa is helping to generate high-quality clean energy with a low-cost and reliable result for the under-served and commercial industry in Africa, and Deconick stated that their teams are delighted with this collaboration.


Image by Roy Buri from Pixabay


Solarise can’t be happier. Solarise Co-founder Jan Albert Valk said they are excited to partner with the two leading organizations in the industry, and how the future of Africa’s business and C&I sector depends on solar energy. “We are pleased to partner with two industry-leading organizations. Sustainable energy solutions are crucial to driving development in Africa, lowering the carbon footprint, and providing access to safe and affordable services across the continent. The future of Africa’s business and C&I sectors relies on solar power. Sustainable energy solutions are the obvious choice if Africa is going to overcome the energy hurdles it currently faces.”




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