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Bosch is Holding a Smart Mobility Competition for African Startups


TechInAfrica – Along with the ever-growing technology that eases the access to logistics, smart mobility issues have long left a significant remark for early-stage firms and world-class companies alike. Bosch—a German multinational engineering and technology company headquartered in Gerlingen, founded in 1886—is inviting smart mobility startups  to compete in the smart mobility startup pitch. The goal is to engage in a fresh solution towards addressing mobility issues. In return, winners stand a chance to participate in Bosch’s own accelerator and incubator program, as well as a share of cash prize of $30,000.

Bosch, in particular, is looking for seed-stage startups with passion over delivering innovative smart mobility solutions across specified themes. Such themes include Internet of Things (IoT), connectivity, distribution and logistics, ride-hailing, city infrastructure, as well as electric vehicles and renewable energy. Insurance and data tracking systems are also feasible to be implemented in the notion.

The ten winners of this competition will have the luxury to present and showcase their own grand designs in Johannesburg, South Africa on this upcoming 4 November.

Along with providing support to develop innovative technologies for the selected startups, Bosch also aims to manifest these newly-embedded innovations towards facilitating the startups to access Bosch’s plotting facilities and laboratories. Furthermore, the German tech giant also aspires to provide their wide array of customers from across their markets.

Yves Nono,Vice President – Mobility Solutions, Sales Region Africa at Robert Bosch Ltd via

Yves Nono, Vice President – mobility solutions, sales region Africa at Robert Bosch Ltd asserted that the company is excitedly looking forward to selecting and potentially collaborating with future businesses whose goals align with the company itself. Bosch’s own resources and assets could be of use in ramping up the overall productivity of the scene.

Companies interested in pitching in towards the competition can enlist themselves by clicking this link. Additionally, registrations will close on August 26, 2019—with final announcements scheduled on September 30, 2019.



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