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Learn From These Five Young “Tech-Savvy” African Entrepreneurs


TechInAfrica – The African economy has been fundamentally floated by the activities of African entrepreneurs and this may have something to do with why the economy of this mainland is recently touted as one of the fastest developing on the planet.

From technology to manufacturing, building, neighborliness, and various different segments, Africans are known to venture up to the plate and making waves with the foundation of maturing businesses. These fast-developing endeavors are likewise known to put in great work and supporting society through the formation of wealth and employment, payment of taxes, and start of the enterprising flash among the aspiring people. In particular, they are playing important roles in the financial change of Africa.

Be it through reconsidering established services and products, growing profoundly into new regions, or proffering better solutions out and out, various young African entrepreneurs are making their works felt in their surroundings. So, who are these African entrepreneurs? Let us check this out.

1. Rebecca Enonchong


She is the CEO of AppsTech. What is AppsTech? AppsTech is an international supplier of enterprise application solutions. Its offer is the arrangement of enterprise programming, service, and support to both neighborhood and global customers.

One of these African entrepreneurs has collected impressive acknowledgment for the wonderful achievement the company has so far appreciated, with one striking example being her candidate as one of the WIE Africa Power Women of 2013 in the Business and Technology category. Enonchong is likewise referred to fill in as a coach and counsel to various African technology-based startups.

2. Derridean Dadzie

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Uniqueness is as basic as worldwide presentation is significant in Africa’s rapidly developing startup business community. Getting the hang of those two subtleties is not actually a ruddy affair. The Ghanaian entrepreneur’s company is a supplier of mobile and internet solutions, and engineer of installment platforms for the financial and media transmission sectors. Since appearing in 2007, DreamOval has proceeded to build up an accomplice that incorporates Kenya, Singapore, and the U.S.

It likewise creates the impression that Dadzie’s endeavors have to some degree pulled in noteworthy worldwide media consideration with one global distribution. Clearly, he is a major aspect of Africa’s rising class of young entrepreneur who is showing a genuine challenge to Western ideas of African financial improvement.

3. Ashish J. Thakkar


It was at the age of fifteen that this fine Ugandan-born entrepreneur made his first raid into the entrepreneurial scene. The Mara Group is known to have interests in IT, real estate, BPO, resource management, foundation, and media. It likewise flaunts operations in 19 African nations, with Nigeria, accepted to be Thakkar’s top pick.

His move to the summit of affairs has not actually been a smooth ride as his wellbeing and that his family was compromised during the scandalous Rwanda genocide which saw them escape the nation for some time. Not to be hindered as a genuine child of the mainland, he came back to the base when the emergency faded away and from that point onwards, it has been an astounding journey.

4. Mike Muthiga


As headways in technological developments have taken off on the mainland lately, so too has top-notch animation take off. While it may not be altogether incorrect to state that South Africa takes the cake in such manner, it takes nothing from the fact that some fine work is really been done in East Africa. Mike Muthiga’s animation company has all the earmarks of holding on well. The Civil Engineering certificate holder’s creation, Fatboy Animations, has made and put out some fine work out there with striking models being ‘Tinga Tales’, ‘Faimba’, and ‘Mazgwembe’. It is accepted that Mike is additionally nursing an aspiration to open a movement school in Kenya.

5. Julie Alexander Fourie


iFix is the brainchild of Julie Alexander Fourie who curiously, is accepted to have followed up on the thought which prompted the company at his apartment in the University of Stellenbosch in 2006, where he is known to have been helping associates and companions fix broken and flawed iPods and computers.

Furthermore, what began as low maintenance fix work in the long run brought forth iFix; a company that is hoping to cut a specialty itself for itself in the area of fixing and adjusting all Apple items and Samsung smartphones. Through some fine work, iFix has proceeded to end up one of the greatest third-party repair services in South Africa.


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