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A start-up in Cape Town is pioneering 3D-gamified business.


Imagine a world where shopping was like playing your favorite video game. Immersive and fun, it puts you in a beautiful, interactive world where you can try on clothes, find out about new products, and get a feel for what you’re buying before you buy it.

You wouldn’t have to deal with pushy salespeople and would be free to move around, try out different options, and make decisions based on what you want. Best of all, when you buy something, you would get points you could use to buy more stuff or save up for something unique.

The Cape Town-based company is gradually but steadily making 3D gamified business processes a reality that worldwide businesses are increasingly adopting. Lamprecht and Sadiq, founded  the company in 2017, aims to simplify the transition of brands into the 3D digital environment.

“Digital technology is changing quickly, and many organizations around the world were not ready to adopt and make the best use of these new tools that would help their brands internally and from a customer-centric point of view,” says Lamprecht.

Today, 3DT offers leading solutions and evolving ways for businesses to access 3D gamified experiences that improve how people feel about a brand and increase sales and customer engagement.

As creative as the virtual e-commerce experience is, their plans go much further, with their sights set on developing 3D LMS (Learning Management System) platforms that increase user engagement and learning experience.

The Covid19 pandemic, with its numerous societal constraints, prompted a rise in digital innovation for the corporation, which fueled the need for remote schooling, company training, administration, and management.

Leading universities in South Africa have already started putting these revolutionary systems into place for their students. This creates an open line of communication between students and the different departments, making learning better and easier to analyze and report on.

The LMS market is expected to grow from $9.2 billion in the U.S. in 2018 to $22.4 billion in 2023.

Aside from these innovative products, 3Degrees Tech is also working on virtual meeting rooms, virtual events, metaverses, and 3D websites, giving consumers and global organizations a chance to interact virtually beyond social boundaries. This has led to an increase in the number of digital users online.

“We assist enterprises in evolving into the new normal, a 3D-based world with limitless possibilities,” Lamprecht continues.

3 Degrees Tech now offers inspirational and game-based 3D experiences in the following verticals: gamified HR processes, game-based learning, sales and marketing, events and meetings, and Metaverses.




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