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According to an Equinix survey, 33% of IT decision-makers in Nigeria intend to leave the nation


100 business leaders in Nigeria were questioned as part of the Equinix 2022 Global Tech Trends Survey about the opportunities and difficulties that their companies are currently facing as well as their future goals.

Significant highlights include:

Additionally, according to data from a Nigerian poll, 34% of IT decision-makers in Nigeria intend to relocate to a different area.

In Nigeria, 58% of IT decision-makers see a lack of IT-skilled workers as one of the biggest risks to their industry.

Earlier this year, Equinix completed the acquisition of MainOne in Nigeria.

The survey results from Equinix show that there are numerous chances for Nigerian companies to successfully enter new markets and attract new clients.

According to a survey conducted in Nigeria, 54% of participants intend to expand in an already-existing nation over the next 12 months, followed by 34% into a new region and 33% into a brand-new nation. Furthermore, 93% of Nigerian IT leaders responded that improving the customer experience is a top concern.

However, firms cited a number of constraints that could be limiting factors for global growth, including issues and difficulties with the supply chain, cyber security, and personnel retention and recruitment.

Supply chain difficulties

Global supply chain problems and shortages were cited by 55% of respondents as a problem for their organization, while the global microprocessor scarcity was mentioned by 50% of respondents.

Internet safety

Cyber security in Nigeria continues to be a major source of worry. It is crucial for corporate operations that growth is supported by robust digital models, especially in light of recent global threats and rising volatility.

85% of respondents in Nigeria agreed that strengthening cyber security is a top priority for their digital-first agendas.

88% of respondents cited compliance with regional market data laws as essential, while 85% emphasized the necessity of future-proofing their companies. The most feared dangers, according to IT experts in Nigeria, were cyber attacks (73%), security flaws, and data leaks (68%).

Retention and hiring of employees

Although Nigeria’s population and workforce are among the youngest in the world, 58% of IT decision-makers in Nigeria see a lack of workers with IT skills as one of the biggest dangers to their company.

According to the report, employers in Nigeria are most frequently concerned about people seeking for employment who lack the necessary skill sets (56%), pay and benefits (49%), evolving expectations for working methods (41%), and the retention of current personnel (38%).

Additionally, in Nigeria, tech professionals with expertise in fields like AI/machine learning, data analysis, cloud computing, and data protection are in high demand.

To guarantee a fair distribution of participants and to ensure that no region is excluded from the high-impact sessions, two shoppers will be chosen from each of Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones.

The fortunate recipients will take part in a weekend retreat with Mr. Ekeh, a Forbes Best of Africa Leading Tech Icon, at no cost to them.

The New Mega Wealth will be the primary focus of the show. The 12 chosen shoppers will have the chance to spend time discussing Mr. Ekeh’s entrepreneurial journey as well as learn about healthy living advice, a finishing school, gym/aerobic sessions, deeper insights on the challenges facing modern businesses, new ways to build sustainable wealth, how to deal with the current challenging business environment, and direct, one-on-one feedback sessions with Mr. Ekeh.

Konga Kares and Mr. Ekeh recently agreed to a five-year agreement that will see the mentorship program operate annually from November to January with increased rewards for chosen participants.

At the conclusion of the mentorship program, a few chosen customers may additionally be given a gift by the CEO of Zinox.

Wealth in the twenty-first century is a right. If you have the appropriate mindset, are prepared to work hard and advance your knowledge, there is no reason to be poor.

Through this program, we hope to foster the development of more self-assured, verified billionaires who will produce wealth in the future,” Mr. Ekeh said.

I’ll be speaking with a total of 12 chosen customers, two from each geopolitical region. If you are chosen and above 60, you may suggest a different candidate.

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Based on purchases made on Konga between Thursday, December 1, 2022, and Tuesday, January 31, 2023, candidates for the all-expenses-paid weekend mentorship program will be chosen.

Some information about Leo Stan Ekeh

Leo Stan Ekeh, the top serial digital entrepreneur in Africa, is the founder and chairman of over seven top tech firms operating in a variety of ICT industry verticals and operating several prosperous businesses on four continents. He also boasts the distinction of finishing the largest IT project ever undertaken in Africa.

Mr. Ekeh is a highly regarded ICT personality in Africa who has received various honors and accolades. He helped establish Desktop Publishing and Computer Graphics, the first locally built and internationally recognized computer brand in the area, e-Commerce, the use of biometrics in elections, WiMax, and the distribution of ICT products & solutions throughout Africa, among other things.

Mr. Ekeh has been honored by two Nigerian Presidents with highly coveted National Awards, including the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR) and ICON of HOPE Award in 2003 and 2001, respectively, by President Olusegun Obasanjo, for his incisive entrepreneurship and as a pride to modern Nigeria.

His continued leadership in the field of information and communications technology earned him the National Productivity Merit Award (NPOM) from President Muhammadu Buhari in November 2019. (ICT).

A top economist with Indian training and Forbes Best of Africa Mr. Ekeh, a leading tech icon with more than 60 national and international honors to his credit, including four honorary doctorates, has continued to be at the forefront of enshrining digital democracy, encouraging many aspiring businesspeople, and advancing gender empowerment in Nigeria and elsewhere. He has also made a significant impact on many lives through the Leo Stan Ekeh Foundation.




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