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AfriBlocks has partnered with KyckGlobal to provide payment options for African freelancers.


AfriBlocks is a pan-African marketplace for independent talent. It has teamed up with KyckGlobal to offer freelancers in Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, and Namibia the Visa push-to-card payment method.

The move is meant to help African freelancers deal with the lack of financial infrastructure and high transaction costs they often face when getting paid by foreign clients.

The integration makes it easier to pay, helps more people access money, and improves the technology framework for the gig economy on the continent.

AfriBlocks plans to give more African countries access to the Visa push-to-card payment method. It will also add more cross-border payment methods from the KyckGlobal network, such as Visa push-to-account, wires, and international ACH.

The company wants to help African workers get paid in a way that is easy to understand and builds trust among its users.

Tongayi Choto, the CEO of AfriBlocks, said that the relationship with KyckGlobal moves forward with developing new ways to help African freelancers deal with the problems they face in the digital economy.

The Chief Executive Office of KyckGlobal, Donald Boeding, said more reliable cross-border payments level the playing field in the digital economy. AfriBlocks is well-placed to help workers across Africa get more access to financial services.




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