African Bitcoin Conference Gathers Devs and Enthusiasts for Networking Event.


Ahead of the Africa Bitcoin Conference (ABC), a preliminary gathering tailored for developers and Bitcoin community members was conducted in Lagos, Nigeria, on September 29, 2023.

This occasion brought together developers, reporters, program coordinators, marketing professionals, students, and Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Accra, Ghana, which was the venue for the first edition, will again host the second iteration of the Africa Bitcoin Conference from December 1 to 3, 2023.

Farida Nabourema, the co-founder and lead of ABC, gave the introductory remarks and elucidated the core idea behind the conference. Farida stated that the primary purpose of organizing the event is to explore Bitcoin’s influence on the continent and strategize ways to boost its uptake.

She highlighted that the next event would dedicate more time to developers, allowing them to craft solutions centered around Bitcoin’s application.

The forthcoming conference will also include a trade exhibition designed to enlighten the general public about Bitcoin, stimulate its acceptance, and promote engaging conversations.

The event included a panel discussion on “Career Development in Bitcoin: Opportunities and Hurdles.” Ayobami Atolagbe of Noones, in his role as Ambassador Programme Manager, led the conversation. Mary Imasuen, the Global Marketing Manager at Fedi, and Raphael Eyerin were joining him as panel members.

The speakers recounted their experiences in the Bitcoin domain, motivating attendees to stay persistent in their endeavors and strive for knowledge. They underscored that one’s initial move doesn’t have to be flawless.

Mary highlighted the abundance of non-technical roles available in the Bitcoin industry, such as marketing and project management. She stressed that the present moment is prime for diving into this sector.

During a presentation by Megasley, a node operator with Africa Free Routing – a conglomerate of lightning nodes in Africa – he emphasized the significance of Bitcoin and the unique opportunities it presents. He shed light on the Afrobitcoin Fellowship, a pioneering initiative to cultivate skills and talent in the African Bitcoin realm.

Furthermore, he acknowledged the invaluable contributions of Btrust Builders and Chaincode Labs in backing developers and enthusiasts venturing into Bitcoin. For those keen on diving deeper into Bitcoin, Megasley shared essential resources and links.

In the subsequent segment, Stephanie Titcombe, the Programme Manager at Btrust Builders, elaborated on her organization’s operations and highlighted their forthcoming “Build for Africa” hackathon. She detailed the prerequisites for participation, focusing mainly on crafting solutions tailored to African challenges using Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. Stephanie made a rallying call, urging maximum participation, and unveiled an enticing prize pot of $10,000 for the event.

In a recent interaction with the media at an event, Prince Akpah underscored the pivotal role of Africa in the global surge of Bitcoin adoption. He highlighted that many nations at the previous year’s summit hailed from Africa, reflecting a rise in Bitcoin’s popularity.

He drew attention to the persistent efforts by the event coordinators and the broader Bitcoin community in liaising with African governments and regulatory bodies, especially in Ghana, to further Bitcoin adoption. Prince also referenced nations like Nigeria that have embarked on launching their digital currencies, notably the e-naira.

Prince assured attendees of this year’s conference an enriched experience, echoing Farida’s focus on the spotlight given to Bitcoin developers, the hackathon championed by the Btrust Foundation, and a trade exhibition showcasing over 50 enterprises transacting solely in Bitcoin.

The Africa Bitcoin Conference is set for a three-day duration. The initial two days will unfold at the Kempinski Hotel, with the concluding day slated for The Grand Arena in Accra, Ghana.



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