African Entrepreneurship Award 2017


The 3rd African Entrepreneurship Awards final round was announced by BMCE Bank of Africa. The award was launched by BMCE Bank of Africa, and its main objective is to support African entrepreneurs, or those with African origin but residing outside in diaspora, rewarding talent and technology in three phases. The categories that rewarding happens on are the environment, uncharted areas on the continent and education.

The award focuses on Young African entrepreneurs with an average age of 32 years with more than 35% of them being women. The age limit and the high number of women show the seriousness of the spirit entrepreneurship and willingness urging the African youths. The third round had 40 youths who were shortlisted. Environment falls under the popular category with 46% of the total projects showing the commitment of entrepreneurs to the environmental problems. The most encouraging part is the commitment and focus of the finalist which is indicated by 61% of the project in the startup point.

The next phase was offered the 40 finalists an opportunity to attend a boot camp in Casablanca for four days which occurred between 6-10th December 2017. The training process was then followed by a closing ceremony with awards for the best and most viable projects which was done on 11th December 2017.  The winners were selected by some judges led by Mr. Othman Benjelloun; chairman of BMCE Bank of Africa. The judges included; Mrs. Marie-Paule Niat, Cameroonian Entrepreneur Mr. Brahim Benjelloun Touimi, CEO of BMCE Bank of Africa, Mr. Gong Li, Chinese Innovator and Technologist, and Mr. John-Bernard Duler, Silicon Valley Investor.

The award has been in operation since 2015, and it has been able to receive funding of $1 million. The award works out every year to improve the lives of young African entrepreneurs.


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