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African Telemedicine Platform Connecting Patients with Healthcare Worldwide


TechInAfrica – Solution for healthcare issues has been developing in many countries across the world, from second-world countries to developed countries. From health care delivery and lack of medicine access to low public health standards, health issues in many countries are facing challenges. With the inability to access healthcare being the main problem, there are vast solutions to solve the issue with these ever-growing technology improvements.

Yapili, a new healthcare platform developed by First Line Software, connects patients in Africa with health professionals not only from Africa but also from around the world. This Android-based app is currently developed for English-speaking users. It requires online access and downloadable from Google Play Store. Aside from using by patients, this mobile app is available for certified physicians who provide online consultation and maintain electronic patient records and data in an anonymous form for analytical reports.


This service makes healthcare more accessible through a chat feature with certified experts anywhere. Moreover, the app allows users to acquire quick diagnosis results and advice from certified experts. Yapili further provides recommendations for the next treatment that users should require. 

This app aims to connect patients in Africa with healthcare professionals across multiple fields and helps them solve their health concerns related to various problems from general primary care, mental and sexual health, and HIV management, to diabetes, hypertension, fertility, and family planning. To make the analyzation process easier and more fun, Yapili has incorporated many gamification components during the development process.

In the pilot phase, Yapili service covered seven countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Zambia. They chose these countries seeing that many people speak English and receive good internet access. In the future, Yapili plans to provide the service to more countries where there are fewer English-speaking potential users with internet connections and consider their platform for practice beyond countries in Africa.



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