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File Sharing Made Easier In Opera Mini


TechInAfrica – File sharing is now less of a hassle in Opera Mini’s latest update to its fast and lightweight browser. From Opera’s news release on its website, the new feature will let users exchange files without the need of Wi-Fi or mobile data. The files can be videos, audios, and photos without a limit in size.

It might remind you of the ad-bloated ShareIt or file-sharing in general, but as the first web browser with a file-sharing feature, Opera Mini does share more flexibility as it can be either used as a browsing tool and from now on, even as a file sharer. Using a direct Wi-Fi connection, a device is paired with other device through a secure private network. This means only the two devices can join the sharing process and no other party to intervene in the process. One advantage of a direct Wi-Fi is, the transfer speed becomes 200 times faster than what Bluetooth alone could achieve, with a higher success transfer rate. Opera Mini grants a stable connection and therefore it will stop only when the user decides to.


To send or receive files, go over to File Sharing in the menu and choose the option Send if you wish to transfer a file to someone, or choose to Receive if you wish to be the receiving end of the process. By scanning the QR code provided by the browser, a connection between devices will be established and the sharing process can start. Note that the receiving end should be the one to scan the provided QR code. Users can also directly share downloaded files in Opera Mini download manager with the file sharer. Since the transfer can be done offline, users can save part of their internet quota, which is usually incurred when transferring via the regular internet connection.


Opera has had a fair share of practical features. Its more heavyweight version 51 browser for Android has an in-built VPN just like the PC version, which is free and unlimited of quota and hours. Its My Flow feature allows the sharing of personal files that can be synced from the phone to PC, and vice versa. Not to be confused with its various browser version, the desktop use has three versions, which is Opera Browser, Opera beta, and Opera USB for portable use, while the mobile version currently has three versions, such as Opera for Android, Opera Touch, and of course, Opera Mini. You can also get early access to its gaming browser called Opera Gx, which you can give a try here, and a concept browser called Opera Neon, available for Mac and Windows users.


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