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Africa CEO Survey 2020: A Fast Restoration Is Predicted by 60% CEO


TechInAfrica – AFRICA CEO FORUM and Deloitte, for these two years, had published their Africa CEO Survey. Conducted in uncommon conditions due to the health problem, a survey that involves more than 150 CEOs is knowledge about climate, situation, and the view of the African public sector.

Inevitably, the crisis as the effect of coronavirus brings negative issues across all sectors and geographics in Africa. To prove this issue, most of the African CEOs, equivalent to 95% that have joined the survey stated that this crisis has negative impacts on their business.

However, this percentage covers various circumstances from one sector to another in the matter of harm. Before the crisis began, Consumer Business, Finance Service, and Energy became the sectors that were confident they would not collapse. Nevertheless, they become the most cared sectors about futures today. Otherwise, the sectors from Food Industri, Health, and Education has less impact because of the crisis.

Even so, among all sectors, the awareness of rebound is spectacular: from the survey, 80% of respondents demonstrate a high level of belief about the long term view of the continent, in contrast with the 73% in the previous year. This is portrayed by the fact that most of the respondents, equivalent to 60%, have a positive view that business will be back to normal in 2021.

The respondents are also excited due to the development in current condition and future in the matter of local production improvement. Yet, the important thing is in the digital subject, that they demand substantial support from the public authority.

Nevertheless, they expect that economic integration in Africa is sustainable. Therefore, they are enthusiastic about the single continental market initiative (AfCFTA). This market is considered as an important direction to elevate economic growth. However, it is said that the relation between CEOs and public authorities is bad. They try to work together regarding the current condition where Covid-19 becomes the cause of the crisis in many sectors.

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