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Across Express Folded Investment From Addis Abeba Angels Network


TechInAfrica – A logistics tech company, Across Express that gives a platform that connects users to their needs of shipment with service providers by using mobile and web application, call center, shut down the finance of Addis Abeba Angels Network. 

Launched in June 2019 at Startup Ethiopia Event, Addis Abeba Angels Network is also a member of the African Business Angels Network (ABAN). 

Addis Abeba Angles Network announced that they have been completing the investment in Across Express. A startup from Ethiopia that starts to solve the transportation of logistics and cargo problem in Ethiopia. Across Express plan to have a modern system of ordering and the fulfillment procedure placing mid and long-distance trucking. 

Across Express became the first startup that has been funded by Angels Network. The amount of investment cannot be revealed. Angels Network was created by many popular persons who have been building successful businesses and now well-known as the Angel Investing Individually. 

The founder of Angel Network, Shem Asefaw stated he and other founders are welcoming the great ideas and dreams, as well as helping startups to reach great things in Ethiopia. Furthermore, Asefaw added that generally many members of Angels Network are motivated to encourage the success of startups and to bring them back to society. The members carry education, skill, link, and capital for Ethiopian entrepreneurs. 

Many members of Angels Network, includes Shem Asefaw a serial investor in Canada, Ethiopia & Kenya, Addis Alemayehou, Chairman at KAZANA Group, Henok Assefa Founder at Precise Consult, Adam Abate CEO at PAGA Ethiopia, Joseph Kibur Founder and CEO at YAYA Investment; and Levi Girma Co-Founder at Nest Ventures.

Recently, the Across Express that digitalizes the logistic sector in Ethiopia joined with the Jumpstart accelerator by GIZ and iceaddis.

Like Across Express, another regional startup, such as Kobo360 from Nigeria and Lori Systems from Kenya has collected $ 37.3 M and 36.2 M. This big amount of funds will be used for the fuel operation and figure out the logistics in Africa. 


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