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The Giant Tech Expo, IFA 2019 Showcases Forefront Technology


TechInAfrica – IFA is a giant expo tailored for key retailers, buyers, and experts from industry and the media to showcase a series of innovation and product launches, according to the official website. Ending in two days (6-11 September), IFA 2019 took place in Luckenwalder Strasse 4-6, specifically in Exhibition Grounds Berlin ExpoCenter City and like the former expo, this year’s showcase is also filled with the exciting launches, press events, and the latest global tech scenes. The expo is open from 10 AM to 6 PM, but its Global Market showcase open for viewing from 8 to 11 September, with the exception that on the last, it’s only going to open until 4 PM.

Among the big presence attending the lauded event is missing Apple, but other big names like Microsoft, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Google, LG, Acer, and more are bringing their best innovation for the enthusiastic mass.


Just a heads up, in case you’re planning to attend the next one, IFA already announced the exact date, which will be hosted from 4 to 9 September 2020 and and you can download the convenient digital companion to guide you during this expo, called IFA app, which is available in English and German, and will let you know all information about the products, exhibitors, entire event list, interactive 2D/3D exhibition map and navigation, and of course, a bookmark feature to keep whatever you have encountered in the expo with MyIFA.

So what are the highlights of IFA 2019? Let’s check our curated list of the impressive technology the big names have showcase until now.

Gaming And Graphic Design Haven For Laptops on IFA 2019

The specs of the laptops here are indiscreetly meant for gamers and graphic designers. Rather than competing for the world’s thinnest laptop, the majority of the laptops are topping it on enhancing gamers’ experience, such as incorporating 300 MHz screens, which is currently the fastest sync refresher for high frame rate games. Acer Predator Triton 500 is already equipped with this screen but you’ll have to wait for October to get one included in Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701.


Some models incorporated Nvidia’s latest chip, Quadro RTX workstation GPU such as ASUS’ ProArt StudioBook One with its 4K HDR screen and packed with Quadro RTX 6000 for advanced graphic works.

Phones on IFA 2019

We have a high-end two-screen supported phone like LG’s G8X ThinQ. Mind you that it’s not an in-built foldable, but LG lets us attached an external screen to widen the resolution. It also has ASMR mode in one of its video recording features, which enhance your experience to the sensitive sound it captures.

With three rear cameras, we have Samsung who gave its A90 an affordable foldable one, with just $800, less cost compare to its $1000 ones. It’s in 5G, a plus, of course, and the cameras are in 32 and 48 MP respectively, making it a strong contender for capturing wholesome pictures. Samsung due release is this month, while Huawei, on the other hand, will have to wait until October.


What’s with stacks of cameras on a phone? Do we need that much? Just in case you do, we have Motorola which has 5 combined front and rear cameras on its One Zoom series for just $450 in the US or $650 in Europe.

Companies like it ‘big’ now, with the screens ranging from 6.4” and above. With Sony, although its Xperia 5 isn’t exactly an anomaly, it does have a smaller screen at 6.1” Full HD with 21:9 aspect ratio compared to the majority of the releases.

Smart homes on IFA 2019

With Just $15, the Bluetooth addition on Phillips Hue smart bulbs has cut a lot of costs, which previously worth $70. This Bluetooth feature allows the bulb to be integrated into our phones, since we’re often glued to our phones, anyway, and it can also be paired directly with a virtual assistant like Google or Alexa. Make it $150 if you need a chameleon-like bulb, changing colors, etc., but sticking with the original one is also a decent choice. The bridge is still available for connecting to Hue Entertainment Lighting or Apple HomeKit.


If you want to feel safe while cooking, installing Safera Sense might have make… sense. Coupled with 20 sensors, it will alert you when the heat is above normal. It also knows when you’re idle (aka away from the stove), and will make you get back to your sense with its alert. It costs $220 in the US, and I think it’s worth it for its sole time tracking feature that lets you know how long you’ve been cooking your food, or checking the air quality to notify you when opening the window is necessary.


Notable Appliances on IFA 2019

AI is everywhere and that couldn’t be truer. LG Proactive Customer Care will apply for front load washing machines and bottom freezer refrigerators is using AI to monitor your home appliances, and it does so by checking your airflow and potential temperature drop, your soap usage when washing, and when your refrigerator is overfilled, and gives you calculated alert to preserve your appliances’ lifespan. You can receive regular tips on maintaining your appliances and also regular reports about your appliances’ condition.


We usually converse with other people in 60 dB, but Bosch new appliances promise whispering range dB, which nabbed from 36 to 54 dB. It’s possible, as Bosch claims, with its EcoSilence engine. You can expect a high-performance dishwasher, washing machine, fridge, and oven hood that whispers to your ear, making your home as peaceful as ever, if ‘it is’ peaceful by nature.


Put a closet and a steamer in one place and you have Samsung AirDresser. It seems like a convenient tech if you’re a business person who doesn’t have much time to dry your freshly washed clothes, and it’s not taking significant space either. So you can either dried your clothes after being washed, or dried the ones you regularly wear because AirDresser can clean germs and viruses, as it claimed, with its JetStream feature, and both the feature with AirHanger push dust away inside and out your clothes.

That’s just a tiny bit of what IFA 2019 has embraced us with its exciting tech this year. Are you hyped for next year?



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