Agreement signed between ITIDA and Webhelp to increase IT investments in Egypt

ITIDA Webhelp

Amr Talaat, Egypt’s ICT minister communicated how the country is a prime investment destination in the fields of outsourcing and IT services. The progress is driven by competitive privilege while creating a suitable investment climate.

He made the statements after signing a cooperation agreement between the country’s Information Technology Industry Development Agency and Webhelp (global BPO provider), with the intention of outsourcing domains and looking to expand the company’s activities across Egypt. The process should create 4,800 job opportunities.

This is a strategy by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to increase the volume of Egypt’s IT products and services. Once Egypt’s position is strengthened in outsourcing and IT, more foreign investors are attracted to the sector. The contributions create a lot of job opportunities for the youth.

According to Talaat, Egypt is a good investment destination for outsourcing and IT services, largely influenced by its competitive advantage. As a result, a supportive environment is created where investments and other IT cadre services are provided for in multiple languages. The initiative will increase talent and competencies among outsourcing companies. This 3-year strategy aims to increase Egypt’s IT services exports.

Amr Mahfouz, ITIDA’s CEO described the cooperation agreement as part of the authority’s efforts to attract FDI in a manner that strengthens international companies in IT support.


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