Airtel Africa Partners with Rwanda to Launch Most Affordable 4G Smartphone


Airtel Africa has collaborated with the Rwandan government to introduce the country’s most affordable 4G smartphone as part of the ConnectRwanda initiative. The goal is to provide over one million Rwandans high-speed internet access by 2024.

Priced at 20,000 Rwandan Francs (approximately $16.50), the budget smartphone comes with a monthly plan of 1,000 Rwandan Francs ($0.80) that includes 1GB of data and unlimited calls daily. This makes connectivity more convenient and accessible across Rwanda.

Airtel Africa CEO Segun Ogunsanya said the company is proud to be part of this project that will open up new opportunities for education, business and creativity through greater connectivity. The Rwandan Minister of ICT Paula Ingabire praised Airtel Africa’s commitment and support of the country’s digitalisation vision.

The public-private partnership between Airtel and Rwanda highlights how such collaborations can drive transformative technology initiatives. By blending public sector resources with private sector innovation, the smartphone increases accessibility to advanced technology for Rwandans.

The government views the initiative as crucial for digitising activities across agencies by 2024. It also aims to bridge the digital divide by enabling users to access online services, education and economic opportunities.

Beyond just accessibility, the partnership has the potential to spur economic growth and build Rwanda’s technology ecosystem. It could boost entrepreneurship, create tech jobs and promote digital literacy.

For Airtel Africa, the collaboration aligns with its strategy to drive digital inclusion across the 14 African nations where it operates. The company has invested over $160 million in its network in Rwanda over the past three years.

The affordable smartphone complements other initiatives like building 500 network sites to expand 4G coverage across Rwanda. This includes rural areas that previously lacked connectivity.

Airtel Africa expressed commitment to keep enhancing its network and releasing affordable devices to connect more Africans. The company believes partnerships like the one in Rwanda will allow it to close the digital divide and empower more people through technology.

The initiative was also aided by the support of Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings, underscoring how global tech leaders recognise the transformative potential of connecting underserved communities.

With around 80% of Rwanda’s population still offline, the 4G smartphone represents a major step forward. Backed by private sector expertise and public sector vision, the collaborative effort highlights the power of partnerships to drive digital inclusion at scale in Africa



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