Starlink Aims to Deliver Satellite-Based Internet Straight to Smartphones


Starlink, the satellite internet service owned by SpaceX and currently serving over 2 million customers across 60 countries, is expanding its horizons by bringing its connectivity directly to mobile phones. satellite arena, positioning itself to challenge Starlink in the years ahead. This scenario underscores the genuine advantage of being the pioneer in the field, potentially granting Starlink a formidable competitive edge.

The upcoming “Direct to Cell” service, as stated by the company, will seamlessly deliver text, voice, and

As stated on their official website, Starlink is actively developing a Direct-to-cell service, offering seamless connectivity to existing LTE phones, no matter where you are, as long as you have a clear view of the sky.

While there isn’t significant competition in this space at the moment, it’s worth noting that Amazon has also entered the low-orbit internet data access without necessitating any alterations to existing hardware, firmware, or the installation of specialized apps. Initially, the service will focus on text-based services in 2024, with plans to introduce voice and data functionalities in 2025. Furthermore, “Direct to Cell” will offer support for IoT devices, thus broadening its array of capabilities.

Similar to the experience you currently enjoy with 4G and 5G devices, this means that you can use your existing LTE phone outdoors to connect to satellite services. What sets this apart is the ability to access direct satellite internet service, regardless of your location, be it the desert or the northern pole, where LTE coverage is typically unavailable.

While the service may not match terrestrial standards in terms of speed, with estimated speeds ranging from two to four megabits per second, its real advantage lies in its extensive coverage. This expansion has the potential to increase its user base from the current 2 million to tens of millions.

However, specific launch details, pricing, and the level of connectivity remain undisclosed for now. We eagerly anticipate what Starlink will offer and how it will compete with other satellite connectivity options.


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