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Apple Advances into AI Chatbots with Testing of ChatGPT-like Chatbot


Apple is reportedly developing artificial intelligence tools to compete with OpenAI, Google, and other tech giants. The company has created an internal chatbot called “Apple GPT” and plans to make a significant AI-related announcement next year without a determined consumer strategy.

To build large language models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, Apple has established its framework called “Ajax,” running on Google Cloud and built with Google JAX. This framework forms the foundation for Apple’s internal ChatGPT-style tool.

Initially halted due to security concerns about generative AI, the chatbot is now accessible to more Apple employees, although special approval is required for access. However, any output from the chatbot cannot be used for customer-bound features.

Apple employees use the chatbot to aid in product prototyping, offering text summarization and answering questions based on its training data.

Although Apple has previously released AI features across its products, the company has been relatively quiet on the AI front. Now, it aims to address potential privacy concerns related to artificial intelligence, with CEO Tim Cook emphasizing a thoughtful approach to incorporating AI into more offerings.

Apple has been seeking generative AI experts through job postings on its career page to expand its AI capabilities.

As the demand for generative AI tools increases, Apple is looking to catch up with competitors like Google, Microsoft, and Meta, which have already released generative AI products to the public.




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